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Our Philosophy on Fitness

Our Philosophy on Fitness

Scott Baumann

The FT South Miami Philosophy of Fitness

Fitness is about feeling great. When a client tells me he or she wants to “get in shape” that usually means to look and feel better. It’s that simple. That’s the beauty of what personal fitness can do. You have the ability to change the way that you look and feel. Through weight training we can literally change the shape of your body. You can lose excess body fat through cardiovascular training and nutrition. By becoming more fit you can spend more time playing a favorite sport or chasing after your kids. It is about improving the quality of your life.

Fitness is about feeling like you can overcome any challenge, whether it be physical or emotional. Physical strength and conditioning is very empowering and kicking butt through a hard workout will make a stressful day at the office seem like a walk in the park. We will push you to be more fit than you have ever been and look better than have ever dreamed you could. But more than that, you will be feeling great on the way there. This is the part that most people don’t realize until they begin training. You will feel better almost immediately because the process of getting into shape is hard work, but it is incredibly rewarding.

We are going to have fun. We are going to teach you, laugh with you, encourage you and push you to be able to do things you never thought you could do. You will not be scolded for eating dessert or for not being in the mood one day, instead we will make the best of it and come back another day to try again. We will work hard, very hard; but in a way that has you feeling victorious, not defeated. You will leave each workout feeling like you can conquer the world, or at least your day. And after all the hard work is done, you will be rewarded with a body that looks and feels 10 years younger than it is.

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