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Daily Candy Miami

Simone Rodriguez via Daily Candy Miami

August 19, 2008- Daily Candy Miami
Fitting Room
Fitness Together Gym Opens

Hello, this is Simone Rodriquez reporting live from an unnamed Miami gym. I’m here, surrounded by empty treadmills and abandoned ellipticals.

Following rumors that cardio is less effective than weight training, women citywide have deserted their ancient NordicTracks in favor of Fitness Together, a new private gym in South Miami.

Trainer Scott Baumann honed his skills (and women’s buns) in New York for eight years before heading south. His new space has two semiprivate training suites, so women can come in pairs (or with a fella) and work out at the same time (but still get individual attention). In lieu of jogging, the trainers use weights and circuit training to get you toned and taught.

Not for the dabblers, Fitness Together asks you to sign up for at least three months.

Looks like the training wheels are off, Sal. Back to you.

Fitness Together, 5829 Southwest 73rd Street, suite 2, South Miami ( 305-446-3665 ).

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