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Bread on your table sir?

Bread on your table sir?

Scott Baumann

We've all heard of low carb diets for losing weight and fat loss, but whether they are always healthy is another story. I have done much research into this topic, and although medical research shows varying results, and there are opinions a-plenty on the topic, a few basic concepts appear in almost every study or book. Virtually every doctor and/or weight loss and healthy authority recognizes that there is just about no such thing as too many fruits and vegetables. Even the old Dr. Atkins recognized the value of lots of fresh fruits and veggies. So Rule #1, eat a LOT of fruits and veggies. The next thing that is almost universally recognized is that dramatically cutting down on or eliminating refined carbohydrates is the best thing you can do for you health and physique. Refined carbohydrates include, but are not limited to, crackers, cookies, breads, most cereals, waffles, pancakes, bagels, dougnuts, pretzels, etc. Almost anything that the first ingredient is enriched flour (even if it is wheat) is a refined grain product. Refined flour has been tested and shown to increase blood sugar levels and insulin levels even faster than table sugar. What does this mean and why is it important? Well, when sugar levels in the blood rise fast, the body produces insulin to "store" the sugar into muscle and fat cells, usually fat cells. Not a good thing and even worse, this results in a low blood sugar situation in which you get very hungry again and start the cycle all over. This is why restaurants put white bread on the table. Did you think it was to fill you up before you order so you order a smaller and less expensive meal? Nope. It's so you start the "simpe carb hunger cascade" and your appetite goes up and up and you eat and eat and spend and spend. Sound familiar? That's how it works. 

So what we need to do is cut down all refined carbohydrates and replace them with fruits and vegetables. Eat a small to moderate amount of healthy, low fat proteins like fish, eggs and chicken and exercise regularly, at least 4x per week with a good blend of cardio and strength training. 

Burning Fat in South Miami and Coconut Grove.