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1 Client. 1 Trainer. 1 Goal.®

Fitness Together® is the ultimate program to get back in shape so you feel and look your best. The results can be amazing! Each day we help people just like you achieve their goals. But don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say and check out our studio's client reviews and success stories.

Where Fitness Together® succeeds and others fail

Our successful formula has four key features:

  1. Exceptional personal training that combines enthusiasm, knowledge, care, personalization, accountability, and support
  2. Fully equipped private / semi-private workout suites for sessions that maximize your time by eliminating distractions, not waiting for equipment and avoiding intimidation
  3. The perfect combination of aerobic exercise and strength training
  4. A common sense nutrition program based on scientific truths that fuel positive changes and maximize results

Fitness Together® has a program that is different and effective

Fitness Together® has the perfect program to get you the results you want. In our private workout suites, there is no waiting and no wasted time. There is no intimidation that sometimes accompanies working out in front of others in a fitness club atmosphere. Each room is equipped with state of the art equipment and has all you'll ever need for your workout. We will always clean your suite thoroughly prior to your arrival.

In a private suite, every minute is purposeful and enjoyable. It's just you, your trainer, and your goals.

Top certified trainers

Whether or not you've been physically active, and whether or not you've ever worked with a personal fitness coach, your trainer will make sure that you are comfortable in the private suite environment. To ensure that you have a positive experience, your trainer will also see to it you feel emotionally and physically comfortable with every aspect of your workout regimen.

  • "For almost 5 years, 2-4x a week, I have been training with John @ Fitness Together. He is patient, persistent, knowledgeable and never takes my whining seriously. I am forever grateful to all the staff at FT for helping me surpass expectations I had for myself when I started. It’s the best money I have ever spent! "   ― J. F.

  • "I train with John who is very smart, patient, and kind. He is an expert, like all the trainers at Fitness Together, in functional movement. You get really strong, but in the process you move better, which supports stability and long-term success. I have been training at this gym for many years, and it is a fun way to feel great!"   ― B. J.

  • "Great trainers, nice facility, great individualized focus!"   ― J. B.

  • "early AM training available."   ― J. F.

  • "close knit community of positive attitudes"   ― S. M.

  • "I train with John, who teaches me a great deal about how to improve body strength and stability. He is a master at designing creative and challenging workouts that push the entire body to build muscle, balance, and functional movement. This carries over into everyday life, which makes all activity better. I now even encourage walking meetings at my office as it feels so good to move!"   ― B. J.

  • "Customer service and trainer expertise and attitude . "   ― W. L.

  • "The informative discussions I have with my trainer make more sense to me on those otherwise challenging exercise steps. "   ― N. C.

  • "I train with John, who is extremely knowledgeable about the function of movement and resulting positive or negative results e.g. muscle strength, flexibility etc. John's workouts are tailored to my needs, and they are really fun. It is a joy to work out. I always look forward to going and I feel great all the time. I have been training at Fitness Together for over 5 years, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my health and well being."   ― B. J.

  • "Convenient, helpful staff and fun."   ― M. N.

  • "Fitness Together has incredibly knowledgeable, professional, friendly and fun people, who truly partner with you to meet your goals in the most effective way possible. They are amazing! "   ― D. Y.

  • "I have been training with John at Fitness Together in Santa Monica for 3 years. couldn't be happier!"   ― J. F.

  • "I train with John, who has absolutely raised the bar on my personal fitness in a very compelling way. I am able to do so much more, physically and I think with all movement throughout my day in a highly active job, due to John's programs. Thank you to Kelly, the awesome owner and leader of the team, and to John who is truly a fitness expert."   ― B. J.

  • "Personal training tailored to my needs, convenient to my home and fun!"   ― M. N.

  • "Very personal and tailored too my individual needs "   ― D. H.

  • "Amazing gym with a fantastic team! "   ― R. F.

  • "It comes down to the relationship with your trainer. We really like our training, Enrique. He is knowledgeable, motivates, encourages but is not excessive (which could lead to injury). "   ― G. A.

  • "The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful as well as friendly. The workouts are continually challenging and productive. The full body workouts work every muscle group and are excellent cardio. My stamina and strength have improved a great deal since joining over two years ago. "   ― R. S.

  • "All gain, no pain!! I work out with John who has helped me so much with overcoming a sports related knee injury that used to cause me a high level of pain. Prior to working with John, I worked with Kelly who helped me begin my pain-free journey. I cannot say enough about the high level of expertise I experience several times per week at Fitness Together. I am in better shape now than I have every been. "   ― B. J.

  • "I would LOVE to see longer foam rollers on the floor: those are ideal for the spine length and laying on them and stretching some muscles :D right now I need to use the one I have at home which is ok, but having one in the studio would be awesome"   ― J. M.

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