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Learn How You Can Transform Your Life

How do we help you achieve sustained results? Simple. We provide a private, personal and complete approach. No shortcuts. No gimmicks.

We offer both one on one and small group personal training (Pack) along with HIIT cardiovascular conditioning. Our nutrition program will keep you motivated to stick to your changes and will accelerate your results!

We see an average of 20 pounds of weight loss and a loss of 4% body fat in our introductory 12 week program. 

Get Started today by filling out our short contact form, someone from our studio will contact you within 24 hours.

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Simply fill out the form and a fitness professional will be in contact with you shortly. See why lifestyle changes and not the latest fad or gimmick is what really produces long term results. All of our trainers hold bachelor degrees in exercise science and are all certified through the leading fitness organizations in the country. All RI Monthly readers get 10% our introductory 3 month program.

  Success Stories
  • Rick Federico
    Client Since January 2011

    FT is not a gym Factory! In the first meeting they actually listened to my goals and improvements I needed to make to my body. Matt and his team have continued to tailor a program to meet my needs and have held me accountable to achieve them. The Nutrition Together program was something I didn’t expect but it has been fabulous for me. I've lost a total of 30lbs* and better yet I have learned a lifestyle that has kept the weight off. It has taught me the right things to put into my body. FT is the total package!

  • Dionne Dosa
    Client Since May 2007

    Eight years ago, I delivered my second child and found myself 20 pounds over my goal weight. Between raising two kids, working full time, and keeping my husband in line, the last thing on my mind was exercise. It was then that I discovered Fitness Together. I figured I would do a few sessions, lose some of my baby weight, and move on with my life. During the next few months, I quickly came to appreciate the one-on-one attention and tailored exercise programs. I began to feel stronger and more centered. These days, the exercise is less about losing weight and more about keeping myself sane and in shape. I suppose I also exercise to stave off the aging process. When my mother was diagnosed with dementia years ago, I came to realize the importance of exercise in preventing this terrible disease. With my chaotic life, the Fitness Together team always keeps me on track towards better health.*


  • Deanna Snow
    Summer 2010

    It has been fabulous! I actually came in with not a lot of expectations. I’ve been working out for a while, but I was a little nervous coming to a new place and having to change up my workout regimen, but it has exceeded, far exceeded my expectations. Just a great bunch of people here. I’ve been working with Lara and Matt and they are just so knowledgeable, just really, really know what they’re doing. So I am excited to go back home and show the results to all my friends back there.

  • Anne M

    Fitness Together made a big change in my life.  First by teaching me to improve my diet and eat healthier(mom taught me the right way, I just didn't listen).  Through there monitoring and support they encouraged me to continue.

    The best part is the personalized workouts which have improved my strength and endurance, as well as my balance.  My daily task are now easier to accomplish.

    Unable to accomplish results by myself, I invested in Fitness Together for there help. With my trainers dedication, support and enthusiasm I have made great progress towards my end goal. I have lost 61 pounds* since being here!

  • Becky Bishop
    Client Since September 2009

    The crew at FT are helping me achieve my goals by developing workout plans that push me but do not exacerbate any of my existing conditions. They have also given me the guidance necessary to change my diet habits. The nutritional program has been a huge help. The greatest area of improvement for me since I started at is the increase in my strength and endurance. The loss of weight and inches* has been a great bonus but for me the greatest benefit is that I feel younger than I did several months ago.

  • Emily D.
    Client Since 2011

    Before I began training at FT, I was extremely intimidated by the idea of
    working with a trainer, or even by the thought of exercising at all.
    Nevertheless, I knew I needed to do something, because sitting behind a desk
    all day wasn't making me any healthier.  So, I met with Matt and it was hard
    to argue with FT's convenient location, flexible hours and personalized
    programming - I was sold.  The next question was - could I stick to it?  After
    five months of training with the FT team I can tell you that the answer is
    yes!  You all made the transition from a sedentary lifestyle to a challenging
    workout routine easy and rewarding.  I was very anxious before my first
    sessions, but you took the time to explain each step and make me comfortable.
    As the weeks and months passed by I could easily see the results of my (and
    your) efforts - I have more energy, feel healthier, I am stronger and I want
    to keep training!  If you have any other clients that are questioning whether
    they can do this, or whether you can really help, please have them call me.
    As someone who once asked those very same questions I will be happy to assure
    them that the answer to both questions is "yes"!

  • Jon and Marion Loutitt
    Clients since 2010

    In their own words:

    1. What are your hobbies/interests?

    We enjoy Skiing, Cooking, Music and Entertaining with friends

    2. What is your main source of motivation?

    Our motivation comes from wanting to live somewhat healthier lifestyle than we had in thepast. The fact that we can do this together along with our excellent trainer Ally has kept us coming back week after week for 6 years now.

    3. What do you feel Fitness Together has helped you with the most?

    Having set weekly appointments to work with a trainer has lead to far greater health and fitness for both of us. As avid skiers, our fall training program focuses our routines on getting ourselves ready for the slopes each season. From a nutritional stand point, we’ve learned that moderation and some better choices lead to a healthier lifestyle.

    4. How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together?

    We are both in far better shape than when we first started. Strength, stamina and overall physical and mental health has come from our weekly sessions. Health issues first brought me to FT 6 years ago. Most of those are no longer an issue as the custom tailored programs have helped me overcome some of these physical challenges.

  • Priscilla Eighme
    Client Since May 2006

    Maybe it was midlife, or maybe an awakening, or maybe my pants were way too tight,
    but it was clear I needed to lose some weight. Also, due to a family history of
    osteoporosis my doctor encouraged me to exercise with weights. After a few failed diets
    and exercise programs I was frustrated. 

    Fitness Together has turned out to be the perfect fit for me. Having Matt and Donna as my
    personal trainers to instruct, guide and encourage me has made such a difference.* On my
    own I would never have been this successful.

  • Normand D.

         I am 63 years old and have been struggling to lose weight for many years. I just never developed the motivation to get started.   It was always, “I’ll start next week.”  But next week never came.  I had high blood pressure and my body mass index indicated I was morbidly obese.  With plans to retire in a few years, my outlook for living to long, healthy retirement didn’t seem to be in the cards.  That is until I took my last physical examination and my doctor looked at my blood test results and said one word that got my attention.  Diabetes.  He said I was pre-diabetic.

          I knew I had to do something and soon.  That is when I discovered Fitness Together in Lincoln.

          I have had gym memberships over the years, but nothing compared to the professional treatment I received from the staff at Fitness Together. It started with an interview to determine my goals and what I expected to get from the training sessions.  We discussed my eating habits and I soon learned about healthy alternatives that would help me reach my goal.  Next they evaluated my physical condition and put me through the paces.  Frankly, it was it was discouraging.  They confirmed what I already know.  I was in terrible physical condition.  But that soon changed.

          For three sessions a week the team gave me what I needed.  They kicked my butt and got me motivated.  Soon I was feeling stronger, I was eating better and the results started to show.  I was stronger, increasing my ability with each exercise and my family, friends and co-workers were commenting on it too.  My clothes are fitting better, I look better, and I feel great.*

         I haven’t reached my weight goal yet, but I am well on my way.  More important, I have made the lifestyle changes that will help me get there.  I consider the team at Fitness Together to be my life savers.  Their personal attention gave me the encouragement and the tools to help me live a healthy life.  I plan to retire in a couple of years.  When that day comes I plan to be in the best shape of my life with the goal of living a long and healthy retirement. 

         I owe it all to my friends at Fitness Together.  I urge anyone who needs a lifestyle change toward a healthy life to visit them NOW.

  • Donna B.
    Client since 2009

    Everyone has their own reason why exercise is important to them. For me "the best defense is a good offense."  Being female, over 50 and a chronic Lyme patient for 7 years now, most of the time I can't tell why I'm in some kind of pain or where my arthritis, fatigue and general ills come from. I do know that the best offense for me has been Fitness Together. Exercise has never been a friend of mine. When I tried it, I over did it, hurt myself and gave up. At Fitness Together my appointment is my incentive to show up and the always encouraging trainers here tailor my routines to ME and how I feel that day. It's so easy to hurt yourself doing an exercise the wrong way or when you make a move that isn't quite right. It's amazing how a simple correction is the difference between strengthening a muscle or injuring one. For me, the corrections my trainer makes gets me to my next session without injury and he mixes up the routines, deflecting any potential for boredom. I've had a great 3 year experience at Fitness Together and I know that my exercise program is what keeps me moving and keeps my pain at bay!

  Meet the Trainers
  • Carl Martone B.S.
    Personal Trainer

    Carl Martone, the son of Italian immigrants and the first in his family to attend college, brings that pride and determination to his position as a trainer at Fitness Together.

    An all-division football player in high school, Carl is passionate about sports and passionate about helping clients reach their fitness goals, whether it’s an elderly woman proud now to be carrying her groceries up a flight of stairs or someone looking to improve upon their tennis game.

     “I like the culture we have developed at Fitness Together,” he says “It’s smaller, one on one, rather than training with 100 people in the room. I’m very positive about fitness, helping clients reach their goals.”

    Like many of the Rhode Island Fitness Together trainers, Carl is a Kinesiology graduate from the University of Rhode Island, where he played intramural sports and found himself in the gym constantly. Learning the discipline of positive health behaviors.

    With a good sense of humor and the ability to relate well to clients of all ages, Carl sees himself remaining in the fitness industry, hoping to one day own his own Fitness Together franchise and be a leader in the industry.

    Carl’s own personal goal is to run a marathon.



  • Steve Lombari, ASCM, TRX
    Personal Trainer

    Steve Lombari easily relates to the clients he trains. Battling weight issues earlier in his life, he overcame them with a change of lifestyle, exercise and now a commitment to help others. “I’ve been through it,” says the 46-year- old father of two, who weighed upwards of 300 pounds when he graduated from high school. “When I was 19 or 20, a trainer smartened me up, and in two years I dropped 110 to 120 pounds.”

    He’s never turned back, and has been active physically since his weight loss, participating in tough mudders, playing basketball, and at one point working as a cardio boxing instructor.

    For years he worked several jobs, from banking to landscape, and even as a bouncer. He’s played in a country band and worked as a disc jockey, something he continues to pursue. But gnawing at him for years was his desire to become a personal trainer. He began with home study and graduated from MTTI’s personal training program in 2016. Part of the program was a requirement for an internship, and that brought Steve to Fitness Together’s Barrington studio.



  • Meenal Gogte
    Yoga Instructor, Nidra

    Meenal's believes the ingredients to a successful yoga habit is belief in present moment awareness and acceptance of the moment during her Yoga Classes. Breathing consciously while becoming one with the pose relaxes the body as well as mind. This is a very nurturing practice for overall being and is in alignment with our belief at Fitness Together that true health is not only physical but also mental.

    Meenal is passionate about maintaining a natural lifestyle. She has always followed Ayurvedic Medicinal systems her entire life. However, after going through physical and mental ailments (a long period of 5 years), Meenal's experience has swayed her to practice, Prāṇa (Yogic term for life force), which has an immense amount of power to heal our body.

    She believe that having her own grandfather as her yoga teacher since her childhood, and having learnt Sanskrit through grade school has helped her immensely in understanding the Yogic Philosophy. Meenal is trying to incorporate her passion for yoga to teach the students of Hampden Meadows to become more self aware through Nidra Yoga classes. 


  • Erskine McIntosh B.S., ACSM
    Branch Manager


    "You're situation is a mind-set, and if you would like to bring about a positive change, first you must change that."


    With a strong belief that there is nothing “beyond your power,” Erskine McIntosh, a University of Rhode Island graduate in Kinesiology, is dedicated to helping clients make exercise an integral part of their life and a pathway to overall health and fitness. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island in Kinesiology, with a concentration in Exercise Science, Erskine is Fitness Together Barrington’s Manager. Like many Fitness Together trainers, Erskine started as an intern at Fitness Together, recognizing his passion for helping others.

    Passion about your work: “Helping others reach their goals. Their goals are also my goals."

    Personal physical performance goal: Run a marathon, and enter a fitness related competition.

    Biggest challenge as a personal trainer: Helping people realize they are not alone with their struggles with nutrition and weight loss.

    Previous experience: Working with athletes, assisting a Physical Therapist with rehabilitation.

    Certifications: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).


  • Marianne Strong
    Personal Trainer, AFAA

    My name is Marianne Strong and I am an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. 

    I’m so excited to join the phenomenal team of trainers here at Fitness Together Lincoln. I'm a very energetic and positive person who views life as an amazing adventure!

    I’m extremely passionate about living every day to the fullest and firmly believe our personal health and lifestyle choices can have a positive impact in every aspect of our lives.  For this reason I’m dedicated to coaching my clients into achieving and maintaining personal fitness, health and lifestyle goals.  I have experience working with diverse fitness levels and designing programs in keeping with individual needs.

    A few fun facts about me: I’m a marathon, Tough Mudder, Ragnar and triathlon finisher and live a very active lifestyle. In my free time you can find me sailing, golfing, water & snow skiing, hiking, biking, lifting and running!! My sons describe me as a first round draft pick mom!

    Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.  Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do!!


  • Zac Swanton, NPTI, NASM - Fitness/Nutrition Specialist
    Cardio Together Director, Personal Trainer

    Young and enthusiastic, Zac Swanton has quickly learned that as a personal trainer, you have the opportunity to relate to all types of people, instilling in them a new and positive attitude toward exercise. “I hope to help my clients lead a healthy lifestyle, and help them exceed their expectations of how much they can accomplish with a great workout.”

    A resident of North Smithfield, Zac has a diploma in personal training from the National Personal Training Institute, with a concentration on functional training, strength and balance training.

    He is the director and head coach of the FT Cardio Together program. Before coming to Fitness Together he worked as the lead dental prep technician at Precision Craft Dental Lab and as an assistant school aged teacher at Dr. Daycare. “I came to Fitness Together because I have a strong desire to be a part of a professional training team, and also for learning and increasing my personal training,” Zac says.

    Personal training has allowed him to use his talents to conquer considerable challenges, and the satisfaction of putting someone in jeopardy on the right path. “My biggest challenge was training a client that was 500 pounds,” Zac says. “I was challenged to understand and work with him to completely change his eating habits. The success was this client losing 40 lbs in 4 months and also seeing him slowly change his lifestyle and not depend on the latest fad or even surgery." Zac is passionate about the connection nutrition has with physical performance.

    Like this client, he says, he wants all his clients to “start their goals with a positive mindset, recognizing that a personal trainer is the key to success.”


  • Allison Faria B.S., NSCA, TPI
    Assistant Manager

    When Allison isn’t working with clients at Fitness Together, you might very well find her on the ice, coaching young women hockey players in Barrington or playing on her own hockey team. “I’ve always had a passion for sports,” she says, and it’s a passion she successfully conveys to her clients at Fitness Together. “Why not share the passion with others and have a rewarding career, helping others gain confidence and get healthy.”
    A graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Kinesiology, Allison started working at Fitness Together as an intern, becoming full time in 2010. Allison is the Head Coach for the varsity girls Barrington High School hockey team.

    Passionate about: “I love hockey. I love life. I love to challenge myself, physically and mentally, pushing myself, and staying motivated towards my goals."

    Previous/Present Work Experience: Coaching High School athletes and Cardiac Rehabilitation Intern

    Passion about your work: “Everyday I get to wake-up and help clients reach their goals and push them farther than they thought they could go.”

    I tell my clients: “Attitude is everything. It’s harder to break a positive attitude than to fix one that is already broken… being uncomfortable with change is temporary, results are forever small or large; so why choose failure when success is an option."

    Certifications: National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified 


  • Sarah Lopetka B.S.
    Director, Nutrition Together

    Sarah has a B.S. in community health and wellness with a minor in Nutrition from Rhode Island College.  Since she was a child she's had a passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. One story that sums up her passion was when her mom would bribe her brother and her with ice cream just so they would go to the doctor for their shots. Sarah would refuse unless her mom took her to the salad bar and I could pick out all my favorite veggies instead. When she was 16 Sarah went through the whole house revamping it from unhealthy to healthy. Next thing she knew her mom and dad were exercising and eating well and then surprisingly they were able to go off their cholesterol and high blood pressure medication. This is when a light went off and the connection between healthy eating and better health became apparent to her. Right then she knew that this was a career she was meant to be in.

    In addition to heading up the Nutrition Together program at FT she is the WIC Coordinator for Kent County at Westbay Community Action in Warwick and she was also just appointed as the Northeast Regional Chair for the National WIC Association.  

    Sarah is a certified diabetes coach, a certified licensed lactation counselor and is currently training for her first Triathlon. In her spare time she also enjoys shooting at the gun range and reconfiguring unhealthy recipes to healthy recipes without changing the taste.


  • Joe Falvo
    Manager, NSCA-CPT

    "The best way to predict the future is to create it" 

    Joe is certified through NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). He attended Johnston High School and then Rhode Island College where he was active in wrestling for 9 years. Inspired by his wrestling coach he developed a passion for working in the fitness industry and now also coaches wrestling. Joe enjoys helping people reach their goals and transforming them both physically and emotionally. He specializes in sport specific, weight loss and strength training. When not training he enjoys comedy, travelling, and spending time with his family and friends. Joe is currently training in order to enter the American televison show "American Ninja Warrior". Joe has been the branch manager for Fitness Together Lincoln for 6 years and is recently married!



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