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Fit Week

Fit Week

Derek Welles

This month, Fitness Together is going more proactive. Some of you have already started this and the rest of you will soon be participating. We wanted to spice things up! It is always good to stay fresh. So, the first week of each month will be FIT WEEK!! During FIT WEEK you will be weighed, measured, and have your body fat tested. We will sit down with you and set goals to achieve in 3 months. The first week of each month you will be retested to see where you stand. Are you ahead of schedule? Let's kick it up a notch!! Are you behind schedule? What do we need to modify to get you moving in the right direction. At the end of 3 months, we will set new goals and continue down our path to ultimate health. Let us help you find small changes to get you back on track to reach your goals.