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Eat Strawberries

Dr. Janet Brill May 31, 2016 Nutrition

Save those apples and pears for the fall...now is the season to dig in to those berries at their sweet, fragrant and flavorful best.

What's the right cardio program for me?

May 26, 2016 Cardio

The age old debate when it comes to cardio is: long, steady pace cardio VS HIIT or Interval Training. Which is better for suited for you and your goals?

Try Cold Soups Like Gazpacho

Dr. Janet Brill May 23, 2016 Nutrition

Cold summer soups like gazpacho or cucumber dill that contain lots of veggies are the perfect way to lighten up and cool off this summer. 

eat watermelon

Dr. Janet Brill May 16, 2016 Nutrition

Eat watermelon

It’s June and baby it’s starting to get hot out there. Watermelon is perfect for quenching parched lips (90% of watermelon is water)

De-Stress Healthfully!

Dr. Janet Brill Apr 11, 2016 Strength

Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month?

Eat Garlic!

Dr. Janet Brill Apr 4, 2016 Nutrition

Did you know that April 19th is National Garlic Day?

Eat Pecans!

Dr. Janet Brill Mar 28, 2016 Nutrition

Did you know that April 14th is National Pecan Day?

Do What It Takes To Protect Your Health-Your Greatest Asset!

Dr. Janet Brill Mar 21, 2016 Nutrition

Did you know that April 7th is World Health Day? 

Eat Egg Whites (But Toss The Yolks)

Dr. Janet Brill Mar 14, 2016 Nutrition

The great egg debate...should we limit eggs in our diet and do they really raise cholesterol?

Check Your Vitamin D

Dr. Janet Brill Mar 7, 2016 Nutrition

Low vitamin D circulating in the blood stream has been linked to the development of a host of chronic diseases. 

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