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Fall Back into Good Habits

Fall Back into Good Habits

Kara Sabatino RD LD

Routine is so important when it comes to nutrition! Even if you don’t attend school/have school aged kids or work school hours, it is a good time to refocus on routine and habits! The summer can be a difficult time where we over eat, have too many cookouts and vacations! Fall is a great time to refocus. Here are some simple tips you can take advantage of to help you get into a more consistent routine.

 -  Grocery Shop Weekly!

Going to the grocery store once a week can ensure that you have all the healthy food you need! Fresh foods don’t last much past a week, so shopping weekly can help you to have better quality foods more often! Make a list and think ahead when you are making it! The days can be unpredictable, but if you have a general idea of what days you have time to cook or prep – you can be ready for the week. 

-  Take some time on the weekends to prep!

Try grocery shopping and meal prepping on different days! There is no need to take an entire day on the weekends and devote it to meal prepping. This time-consuming task can sometimes deter people from long term change because it is overwhelming. Instead – take small amounts of time on the weekends to cut up veggies and fruits, cook some protein or organize snacks. These tasks can be done in a short amount of time and that time will add up during the week for you!

-  Eat on a more consistent schedule!

Routine is important to develop healthy eating habits. Eating on a consistent schedule can help you in many ways – from reminding you to eat, keeping your digestive system regulated, energy level consisteny and controlling your hunger level. It also helps with planning – if you know you will miss a meal for a meeting, travel or other obligation – you can be sure to eat before to keep you full and avoid grabbing unhealthy foods on the go!

-  Try to discover emotional eating/stress eating triggers!

When we are busy, we are sometimes less likely to snack from boredom! However, we might rely more on unhealthy convenience foods at that time. Try to discover where your weakness is and work day to day to improve on them.

 -  Make time for exercise!

Busy schedule usually means less time for you! Try to plan your week with an emphasis on making time for your exercise routine. Time management and priority management is important. We would need more time in each day to get all the things done that we need to do – so we might have to shift things around to make time for the things we value as a priority. Schedule appointments with a trainer or a friend to hold you accountable – and try to exercise more on days when you have more time and energy!

If you need more help with planning and meal prep - please call Fitness Together and we can help you get on track! (330) 550-9839.

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