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Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Jan 23, 2011

Why Should You Hire a San Diego Personal Trainer?

In their pursuit to lose a few pounds and achieve substantial weight loss, persons in San Diego and all across the United States quite often go for strict diets, which involve limits on the quantity and type of food a person eats. Such extreme methods may result in losing some fat, but they always have serious repercussions on your health in the future. Working out on a daily basis is a healthier and more efficient option, and getting a San Diego personal trainer to help you with this is a prudent decision.

But people are generally suspicious about the effectiveness of such an arrangement and are uncertain if it can bring the advantages that it is supposed to. As a matter of fact, appointing a personal trainer has a whole lot of advantages for an individual.

Naturally people can get fit by themselves, but they are much more likely to get there more slowly, run a greater chance of stopping, and may still get hurt. Those who workout with a personal trainer find faster and more impressive results. Personal trainers not only assure a secure and effective program, they also render motivation, stand with good lifestyle changes, and they keep each workout entertaining, progressive, and fun. Fitness in San Diego can mean many things, such as achieving a personal best in a Triathlon to surfing and snowboarding with greater prowess. Yet, many people don’t acknowledge the benefits of getting a personal trainer. In fact, appointing a personal trainer has many benefits for a person.

In the first place, a personal trainer provides the inspiration that you require to achieve your goals through a well planned exercise program. This will allow you to become more driven towards your efforts to take care of your health and fitness.

Secondly, the expertise of a personal trainer will allow you to imbibe the correct exercise methods, and will offer you a personalized exercise and diet program, which will perfectly suit your needs. Thus, you can shift from randomly exercising at the gym and strict dieting towards a routine that really works for you and does not do you any harm. This is especially true when you have a Licensed Physical Therapist or other allied health professional overseeing your training program. The best of San Diego personal training at Fitness Together-Point Loma offers exactly this; an eleven year experienced Board Certified in Orthopedics Physical Therapist, Certified Nutritionist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as its owner and team leader, overseeing all training programs.

Thirdly, issues related to your health and fitness levels that you might be reluctant to confront will be highlighted to you by your trainer. A trainer will also give you some tips to help you combat diseases and health hazards, so that you can lead a trouble free and more enriched life.

Fourthly, avoiding a serious injury and rapid recuperation from an injury can also be taught by a personal trainer, and he can make you knowledgeable enough to continue with your exercises without his guidance. Unfortunately trainers at Big Box gyms sometimes exacerbate these musculoskeletal problems, being under qualified to rehabilitate these dysfunctions, but trying to work outside of their scope of practice.

Lastly, a personal trainer develops in you a sense of responsibility towards the maintenance of your good health and makes you more aware and committed about your schedules and deadlines.

Personal training in San Diego as elsewhere ensures that the focus of the trainer is entirely on your health and fitness standards. Optimizing your benefits from personal training is simply a matter of being sure about your requirements and aims right at the start. Besides, you can check through the qualifications of the trainer, whether at a gym, private studio, or independent, well before an appointment, and make sure that you share a fruitful interaction with him when training commences. If these aspects are taken care of, personal training in San Diego can work wonders for you.

By Greg Sterner, PT, CSCS, Owner

Fitness Together-Point Loma

2750 Dewey Rd. Ste 101

San Diego, CA 92106


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