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The Only Kitchen Tools You Need

The Only Kitchen Tools You Need

Greg Sterner, Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Nutrition Specialist


Kitchen stores such as Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table are great places to outfit your kitchen, but they often charge more for some of the basics you will need in your kitchen. Matching sets look pretty, but they aren’t necessary to get the job done. You can pick up amazing “one-off “ pieces at very reduced prices at stores such as HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls....etc. Don’t buy your knives there, but there are several other necessary (and not so necessary☺) items that are a great find!

Knives are worth the investment and they can last you a lifetime. Of all your tools, spend the money on knives and pots/pans you frequently use.

To set up your kitchen for basic cooking (and some baking) tasks, you will need the following:
-1 big 8” knife (look for a knife that has the entire steel shaft through the handle) -1 serrated bread knife

-2 small paring knives
-1 10” cast iron skillet
-1 small non-stick skillet
-1 4-quart pot with a lid
-1 9x13” metal baking pan -Metal measuring spoon set -1 metal whisk

-3-4 long wooden spoons
-1 silicone spatula
-2-3 pairs of sturdy metal tongs
-1 and 2 cup glass measuring cups
-2 13 x 18” rimmed baking sheet pans
(“cookie sheet”)
-1 set of 3 glass or melamine mixing bowls
-1 hand-held electric mixer
*When you get some extra cash, buy a chopper or food processor, but this can wait.

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