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The #1 Key To Immediate and Lasting Happiness

Jun 22, 2019

On a scale of 1-10, how grateful would you say that you are every day, in each moment, and how present are you for all that you have to be grateful for?

Personally, I believe that GRATITUDE is the key to true and lasting happiness, and I would humbly rate myself at a “9” on the gratitude scale. But that wasn’t always the case for me. In fact, quite the opposite.

For a beautiful and calming prayer of gratitude that is from the Iroquois Indian Tribe GO HERE you will love this I promise:)

Just ask my mom. She’ll tell you that, growing up, gratitude was definitely NOT one of my strengths. It wasn’t until I learned the power that gratitude has in determining the quality of our lives that I made it a priority and the quality of my life has been radically transformed as a result.

On today’s podcast episode, you’ll meet one of the most genuinely grateful people I have ever met – someone whom I deeply admire – Ryland Engelhart. Ryland is the Mission Fulfillment Officer and co-owner of my absolutely favorite restaurant in the world – one that is changing the world – Café Gratitude!

CLICK HERE to listen to this amazing prepared to take action.

Show gratitude to your loved ones today. Don't wait another day.


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