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San Diego New Years Fitness Resolutions: in regards to Fitness, Goals and Motivation

Jan 10, 2015

Fitness to me is about finding a PASSION for movement. It does not have to be weight training as I know firsthand many people do not really enjoy but still incorporate into their lives because of its benefits. I really try to instill in all of my clients a love for movement whether it be: running, surfing, walking , biking, hiking, kayaking, martial arts, yogo etc............Fitness is a combination of strength, flexibility/suppleness, endurance/cardiovascular, balance and coordination/agility. I try to work on all of these with my clients always keeping in mind their main goal. We periodize routines to make sure we reach those specific goals and along the way increase all aspects of fitness.

The start of the year is filled with busy life, work and family schedules. Doing what you’ve always done is a lot easier than trying something new. So, what can you do to jump over these common hurdles and finish strong in the quest for fitness success

The first step to accomplishing your health and fitness goals is with a real commitment to achieving success. You can’t wish your way to a healthier, leaner, more fit, stronger you. You have to make a real commitment that includes a support structure and lifestyle change focused on meeting your overall health and fitness goals.

Many fitness quests fail because people embark on the journey alone and let other items on their life calendar take priority over their goals. Set yourself up for success by wrapping your goals with a strong support system that includes the right professionals and tools to do the job wisely and successfully.

By enlisting the help of a certified personal trainer, like myself you will receive a customized workout that aligns with your body, ability and health/fitness level with your individualized goals of increasing muscle mass/tone and overall fitness level. I will not only a great resource for holding you accountable to showing up for your workout, but also ensuring that you engage in a valuable workout session that benefits both the mind and body.

Another way to keep yourself accountable to health and fitness goals is by physically scheduling your weekly workouts into your personal, family and professional calendars. If you view your workouts as a serious appointment and dedicate specific time to a physically fit lifestyle, you will be less likely to skip your workouts when life becomes busy.

The same old workouts and lifestyle tendencies will yield the same old results. If you are committed this year to reaching new levels of physical fitness, it is important to change up your approach by combining a can-do attitude with new workout routines focused on measurable strength and conditioning goals. This is where consistent fitness testing and retesting come into play.

By pushing aside old barriers and incorporating new lifestyle behaviors centered around commitment, accountability and positive attitudes, you are well on your way to investing in a healthier body and happier you.

As far as motivation goes: you must reclaim your “WILL”. Below is an excerpt from Dan Millman, author of The Peaceful Warrior.

Inside you is untapped strength of will, of spirit, of heart. The kind of strength that will not flinch in the face of adversity. You have only to remember your purpose, the vision that brought you to Earth—the vision that will take you to the stars—to the depths of the oceans and up the stairway to the soul. Great strength of will resides in you, waiting for expression.

Motivation comes and goes. “So sail the winds of motivation when they blow, but in the calms and dry spells, rely on your will to carry you through” Millman.


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.