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National Pushup Day to Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project in San Diego and elsewhere

Mar 21, 2011

Greg Sterner, Physical Therapist, Owner FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fitness Together-Point Loma

2750 Dewey Rd. Ste 101 @Liberty Station

San Diego, CA 92106


April 16th Declared National Pushups for Charity Day

San Diego, CA – April 16th is declared National Pushups for Charity Day. People here in San Diego and across the country will gather on April 16th to do as many pushups as they can in 90 seconds. Every pushup raises money for severely injured men and women of the Armed Services.

Although not decreed by Congress, as they have more pressing issues to deal with now, 100 of the leading fitness service providers across the country have joined together to declare April 16th National Pushups for Charity Day, and are putting the resources and effort into this cause to make it so. It is an act of pure will to help those who have sacrificed so much for America.

“All of us have two core values in common,” says Greg Sterner of Fitness Together-Point Loma, a 1:1 personal training/wellness studio here in San Diego, “we believe in doing everything possible to get our communities to embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle, and we believe in giving back by helping people.”

Pushups for Charity was launched in 2010 and has raised over $250,000 for charities worldwide. In 2011, the intention is to at least double that figure.

“This year we are doing a Pushups for Charity Challenge, Greg Sterner says. “Our team, called Regular Joe’s and Jane’s, is competing against the San Diego Police and Fire Departments to see which team can do the most pushups in 90 seconds. All San Diego residents are invited to join our team – the more the merrier.”

Complete information about Pushups for Charity is available at


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