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Meal Prep is an easy way to make sure there’s healthy meals ready to go

Mar 12, 2018

We’ve all been there. You rush out of the house in the morning, maybe grab a yogurt and some fruit or whatever’s laying around. You eat that on the way to work and by 11 AM, you’re starving. So when you walk past the vending machine in the lobby, or a coworker suggests going to the deli around the corner, you don’t so much as think of your diet and exercise goals. After another few hours at the desk, you head home, realizing there’s nothing in the fridge. You pick up some take out and head home, promising that tomorrow will be better!

Well, unless you make some changes, nothing will get better, and that New Year’s Resolution of “I’m going to eat healthier!” will have to wait until next year.

Meal Prep is an easy way to make sure there’s healthy meals ready to go all day. Although it has a reputation for being time consuming and expensive, it doesn’t have to be either. Here are a few tips I have for you, as a new meal prepper.

  1. Have the right tools. A sharp knife and a good cutting board go a long way. You also clearly need some food storage: whether you spend a pretty penny on these or buy them 3/$1 at the Dollar Store, I recommend you get the same size stacking kind, not the fancy “18 Piece Sets” you’ll see advertised. If they don’t stack, they take up a surprising amount of space. Lastly, I recommend a Crockpot. There’s lots of fancy kinds, but you can buy a basic one on Amazon for about $30.

  2. Keep it simple, but varied. There’s no need (unless you’re an excellent cook with time to spare) to make some ornate dish. You’re just going to heat it up in the breakroom at work anyway. But don’t make yourself 5 days worth of Bland Chicken with Broccoli for breakfast lunch and dinner. Vary the spices you use for each meal, and the sides (make broccoli AND asparagus, or rice AND sweet potatoes, and alternate them). Switch up the spices and seasonings to make the meal seem fresh and interesting. It won’t take any longer to make the extra (you’ve got to wait for the rice to cook anyway) and you’ll thank yourself for it later in the week! For recipe inspiration, check out Pinterest. You can make your own boards, or, if you’re not in the mood to learn a new website, just go to and type in “Healthy chicken recipe”. I promise, you can do it.

  3. Make it work for you. Don’t throw out the whole idea just because one part of it doesn’t work for you. Some examples:

    1. I don’t have time to prep that much food in one day.

      1. Okay. Can you prep half as much? Meal prep twice a week instead of once a week. Or, when you make dinner, make some extra. There you go, lunch for the next day!

    2. I usually go out for lunch with my coworkers/dinner with my family/etc.

      1. Thats fine. We’ll talk about healthy choices at restaurants another day. But meal prep your other meals!

    3. I’m not a breakfast eater!

      1. Thats fine. But don’t let that stop you from prepping for lunch and dinner!

I hope these little ideas have been useful to you. Please let me know in the comments if you found my ideas helpful, or if you have other roadblocks to meal prep that I can help you break down!

Have a fantastic week!


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