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Day 3 Teachings and Excerpts from Dan Millman's 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior'

Oct 29, 2015

Below are all excerpts from Dan Millman's 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior'..enjoy and thank you Dan

As you discover your innate worth, you come to see that life is tough enough without adding self-created difficulties; you begin to embrace the joys of life and to bring more joy to other. (I really attempt to do this everyday in my interactions with my family, staff and our amazing clients at Fitness Together Point Loma)

Our worth is not dependent upon being perfect.

No matter what your behavior, you have done the best you could every day of your life.

The past no longer exists except as a set of memories and impressions you keep alive in the present (AMEN!!)

You live and learn, stumble and evolve, rise and fall, fail and grow, expand, progress.

Life is a progress of rediscovering your worth and the worth of all beings.


To discover your worth, you have to reach within yourself and find it there. you have to create it through WORTHY ACTIONS.

Life itself is and unearned gift--- and that is the hidden meaning of grace.

Grace reveals that only this moment is real. That past and future exist only in our minds. Your scorecard is wiped clean in any moment of awareness, humility, or repentance. If you have a debt to pay, then pay it in the currency of kindness to the person it is owed, not by punishing yourself, not ever again. It is not necessary. It never has been:)


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