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Amazing New Testimonial

Apr 9, 2010

This is from an email I received from a current client which reads:

I just want to let you know I weighed in at 184.7 lbs. when I stepped out of the shower this morning. My goal was 185. I've lost approximately 5 to 6 lbs. over the last two + weeks. I'm comfortably fitting into 34 and some 33 inch waist pants and my belly isn't hanging out over my belt which, by the way, is being worn two notches tighter. Not exactly sure why the weight, all of a sudden, seems to be dropping off. I am eating better but I'm exercising less (less walking/runnning) due to work schedule.

However even with the weight loss there is still too much FAT on this body so I'm setting a new goal of 180. I was thinking 175 but frankly that worries me. I just don't believe I'd be able to maintain 175. I still like to eat and drink all the wrong stuff and Vegas this weekend isn't going to help. As much as I hate doing any type of crunch I still want to focus on developing a tighter flatter gut and continue to flatten up the chest. To me it still seems like the "core" is weak.

But, I wanted to let you know I am feeling really GREAT. There isn't any pain or discomfort in my back (even though I'm sitting at a computer most of the day), my numb left thigh (caused by bulging disc) is feeling much more normal. I'm sleeping through the night in great comfort, and my self confidence level is way up (especially in the work environment). In short I am feeling really HOT, FIRED UP and full of energy! I'm actually planning on hanging out at the pool in Vegas, in my swim trunks, maybe I can find some young chicks interested in a mature professional older man.

When I started this workout program I didn't for one moment think I would feel this good or feel younger next year, but I do. Thanks for your help, guidance and support.

Ron, Point Loma Fitness Together Client


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