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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Karen H

Like so many, as I grow older I added a pound or two a year and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t slim down.  I’ve always worked out at home because I have not been a fan working out in impersonal gyms where the cleanliness is questionable and my own knowledge of weight training was nonexistent.  It was time to get some personal instruction to help me not only reverse the weight gain process but increase my nutritional awareness and achieve a goal I long thought was gone.

In less than six months, I have achieved my goals, increased my strength, decreased my dress size and have landed on a path of exercise motivation that will last me a lifetime.*  For the first time in my life, I am able to run multiple miles, see muscle definition as well as an increase to my metabolism and endurance.*  At the age of forty-one, I did not know any of this was possible.  The team of educated trainers at Fitness Together has created a personal program for me to work on my exercise weaknesses.  Their motivation is outstanding and makes me look forward to working out.  They take the time to educate me on what each exercise is doing and ensure I’m properly performing the steps to avoid injury and soreness.

I have a newfound understanding of what was missing in my life.  I have more energy, a toned body and a recommendation for everyone to set up an appointment and change their life.


My experience with Fitness Together began for a number of months by looking at this website, deciding whether or not to continue growing my gut and ignoring the need to exercise.  Thankfully, I decided to pursue Fitness Together.   As any client will attest, the Fitness Together experience is not just a simple workout. Every trainer is committed and encouraging towards helping you achieve your fitness goals, with dedication, enthusiasm, and positive critique to ensure that every workout is fully worthwhile. Fitness Together's staff is not just highly educated and knowledgeable, but also display a professionalism I have not seen anywhere else.  Having been with the studio for over a year and half, I will say that the changes to my body have been monumental.  My gut is gone, I eat smarter, and I am seeing the muscle definition and strength that I have always sought.* Just as important, I feel better about the way I look and I have far more energy and endurance throughout the day.*  I strongly recommend Fitness Together to anyone seeking health and fitness improvements; the experience has been fantastic!


I came to Fitness Together for weight loss.  I realized that quite a few pounds had been creeping on over the past few years, and I didn’t like how I looked or felt.  I also knew that I needed to regain control, or I was headed toward possible weight-related health problems as I got older.  I was exercising somewhat regularly, and I had lost a little weight, but what I was doing on my own wasn’t working anymore.  I knew that the best thing for me was to get help from a personal trainer who would push me in my workouts and keep me motivated and accountable.

I have worked out with trainers in the past, but I didn’t want a cookie-cutter program, which is what I have found at some of the national fitness club chains.  I wanted something more personal and customized to me.  I found FT via an internet search for personal trainers and made the call.  Jake spent a lot of time with me, even before I became a client, explaining his approach and philosophy.  I liked what I heard and knew immediately that this was what I was looking for.

I’ve been a client for almost four months, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.  Jake has worked up a personalized program geared toward my goals, abilities, and fitness level and has provided cardiovascular and nutrition guidelines to maximize results.  He and his training staff are knowledgeable, energetic, and supportive and are truly interested in helping me reach my goals.  Also, the trainers and the changing program make the workouts fun and interesting, so I really enjoy my time in the gym.  I get one-on-one sessions in a private training suite, which means no distractions, observers, or waiting for equipment.  Every week, I am put through challenging, but invigorating and rewarding sessions that I know are working. 

When I came to FT, I didn’t have any definitive goal numbers in mind.  I wanted to lose fat, gain muscle, get more toned, and lose weight and size.  I got those results and much more, and faster than I thought possible.*  My clothes started to fit more loosely in just two weeks, and I dropped 13 pounds of body fat and a full dress size in two months!*  My strength has increased across the board, and my cardiovascular fitness has improved dramatically.  I feel better, have more energy, am stronger, and look better than I have in years.  I still have more work to do, but I can’t wait to see what’s to come.  Thanks, FT!


Jake and his entire crew at Fitness Together are enthusiastic motivators and trainers.  All trainers there are highly qualified and able to convey their vast knowledge of physiology and nutrition to people in all different walks of life and at all levels of fitness.  While there are many positive things to say about Fitness Together, a few of my favorites are:  the continued rotation of programs which keeps things new and interesting, that the instruction is tailored to each persons specific personal goals and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the studio that is created by Steve and his team.  I highly recommend Fitness Together for anyone who is looking to get back into a fitness routine, begin working out to improve their health, or to entirely reshape their body.*


“For many years my husband has tried to get me to participate in exercise programs along with him. I felt I never had the need.  He signed me up for my first session with Fitness Together over one year ago and I have become a dedicated member since. The training programs I perform are customized by the Fitness Together staff to match my unique needs and goals.”