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First 5K for FT Plano

J. Delcambre Sep 30, 2010 News

On September 25, 2010 Fitness Together Owners, Jake and Jill Delcambre decided to start motivating and encouraging their clients at FT to become more active. All clients were invited to take part in the Heroes for Children 5K with Fitness Together Plano group. The weather did not cooperate, but 1 brave client was determined to beat the elements and showed up!! Thank you Janet...

3 Ways to Kick the Habit ... of Skipping Workouts

Sep 1, 2010 News

3 Ways to Kick the Habit ... of Skipping Workouts Trying to get into an exercise habit, but finding you’re more in the habit of making excuses? You can break out of that pattern with these tips from fitness experts on staying motivated and sticking to your fitness routine. Our Fitness Together trainers and studio owners recommend these three strategies to help you stay...

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sep 1, 2010 News

Convinced you “can’t” run a marathon, or sprint at level 10 on that treadmill? … Are you sure about that? Even if you have a physical challenge or condition that limits you in some way, most of us also create false boundaries for ourselves — “no-can-do’s” that are only in our heads. And more and more studies are showing that the...

Top 10 Eating Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss

Sep 1, 2010 News

If you’ve ever worn (or chuckled at) one of those “I run so I can eat” T-shirts, this info is for you! How you eat goes hand in hand with your workout plans and is proven to bring people’s weight loss goals into their grasp more quickly and easily. Try these top 10 strategies from experts with our Nutrition Together program to help you spell double trouble...

It’s a Beautiful Day for a Strength Workout

Aug 15, 2010 News

As warmer temps invite you outside more for summer activities, you may think it’s a given that you’ll get more active and stay slimmer. But as you add cardio activities like biking, hiking, running or tennis, do you tend to slack off on strength training and figure it all evens out because you’re burning more calories?Not so fast. Cardio alone isn’t enough...

How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer for You

Aug 15, 2010 News

This is a big decision! Choosing the best personal trainer for you is ... well, personal. To get the most from your personal training sessions and the program your trainer creates for you, it’s essential to know what to ask and how to decipher whether your trainer is a good fit for you before you commit to a program with him or her. Start with this guide to the three most...

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