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Our Owners

Kerry McLaughlin, Engineer, Naval Flight Officer

Client/Owner/Fitness & Nutrition Coach

I first became involved with Fitness Together after my wife and I became empty nesters.  We raised three sons and when our youngest was preparing for college I began to think about what we will do next.  For the last thirty years our lives had been about our boys, their education, sports, etc.  Now it was time for us to refocus on ourselves and the things we still wanted do.

I knew that starting a new life phase I needed to lose the excess weight built up over the years and to become more active.  Too much sitting on the job.  I knew I wouldn't be able to do it all myself so I started looking for a gym, exercise class or something I could get started with.  I stumbled across a television commercial for Fitness Together and decided to check it out.  That was June of 2010.  Unfortunately, life got in the way.  That entire summer was busy with a college graduation, a naval commissioning and a lot of traveling.  It wasn't till September that I finally was able to make an appointment with the Fitness Together owner/personal trainer, Nick Ryan.  After spending an hour or so with him, I decided that personal fitness training could work for me.  I was thoroughly impressed with Nick, his studio, his trainers and the overall concept he presented.  I then encouraged my wife to check it out herself.  A week later, we were clients beginning what we know now was one of the best decisions of our lives.  We lost those excess pounds, gained strength, and became more active improving the quality of our lives.  We were excited and invigorated by the things we were able to do with this new found energy and strength and learning a lot about exercise science and nutrition.

Unfortunately, in the summer of 2011, Nick passed away during a mountain climbing trek leaving the studio in limbo for eight months.  I was still a client watching the business withering from lack of attention.

In February 2012, I purchased the business not wanting to see it fade away; realizing that the results my wife and I were experiencing were shared by many of the long time clients.  I moved the business to its present location that is bigger than the previous one allowing for Pack (small group) Training and began rebuilding the business, hiring great personal trainers who understand that the client's goals come first.

I started out with Fitness Together as a client and still am.   I became the owner with a client's perspective and I am also a fitness and nutrition coach for many of my clients working to give them the same experience I received and improving their quality of life.

"It is not just about what you can do at the gym, it is about how you feel, look and what you can do outside of the gym that's important!"