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Innate or Not

Feb 25, 2011

I was at Fitness Together again yesterday. =) I go twice a week. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be able to go! I feel so healthy and strong and after years of being sick, I feel like a brand new person! I no longer feel old and decrepit! Now that is worth shouting about!

I was telling Nick (my trainer) about my sad revelation that after a year of working out, I still don’t have this workout thing ‘under my belt.’ How I thought that by now I would have become an avid workout junkie. That I’d wake up bouncing with excitement to go run or lift or whatever. That I’d just happily forgo whatever fattening food was in front of me knowing it was poison, certain death to my goals. Likewise, I’ve just assumed that people who workout always love working out, that it is innately a part of them, and that they never struggle with it. I always assumed there was a special workout grace for those lucky people who naturally gravitate toward athleticism. He smiled and said that to even those people it is still work. What? That’s not very encouraging to someone like me! But then again, it is. They still have to motivate themselves, as do I. It may not get easier, but at least it’s not easy for the naturals either. lol


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