The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

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Our comprehensive fitness program begins with a no strings attached free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. If we are, we’ll get the ball rolling on some fantastic results.

  • "Everything!! Great people & facility is excellent. Kerry is my savior!"   ― P. J.

  • "Friendly and welcoming! Clean, well equipped gym with great trainers offering both privacy and commeraderie among clients."   ― B. G.

  • "This is a great gym! The trainers give you personal attention suited to your needs. It’s like physical therapy at the gym! I am 74 & no longer get winded when climbing stairs. I feel stronger & much more agile. The trainers have great personalities & are very motivating."   ― B. M.

  • "Love the one on one. Very attentive trainers who make sure I reach my goals. "   ― P. M.

  • "Great expertise, great workouts and wonderful staff. I look forward to each session!"   ― J. E.

  • "The one on one training & mix of exercises keeps it interesting & avoids muscle memory. Roland is committed to his clients & pushes me to the next level. I can't get an intense workout on my own like I do at FT."   ― J. D. J.

  • "The staff at fitness together is very encouraging and helpful. I feel they are really interested in my well being and progress, they truly care about me. "   ― D. S.

  • "My physical needs have changed dramatically since I joined 18 months ago and my trainer has adapted everything to fit my changing needs! I love that he truly has my challenges in mind when planning exercises for me. It is totally individualized!!"   ― K. C.

  • "Individualized program with lots of variety"   ― J. W.

  • "I get the best workouts of my life. Roland pushes me to new levels and continually mixes up the routines which I didn't do on my own. I always leave feeling incredible!"   ― J. D. J.

  • "I like the clean, well organized atmosphere of Fitness Together. The trainers are all very friendly and professional and push me hard enough each time to make sure that I continue to improve. They are encouraging and respectful of physical limitations. If I need to change an appointment to a different time they are very accommodating. I highly recommend Fitness Together. "   ― J. H.

  • "Fitness Together is a great place to go to get excellent guided personal training. Also, the trainers are a lot of fun! I really look forward to my twice a week workouts. I've been going for a year and can definitely feel the benefits (I'm 73). My friends have also commented on the fact that I look healthier. I highly recommend Fitness Together for a very effective workout as well as a fun place to go. I never thought I'd enjoy exercising! "   ― B. M.

  • "Very friendly, clean environment. Enjoy my trainer and appreciate her focus on my goals and objectives. "   ― C. C.

  • "Challenging and caring trainers, clean facilities, friendly atmosphere. Your muscles will feel at home here!"   ― B. G.

  • "Custom workouts. Personal attention. Ongoing commitment to help reach my goals "   ― P. M.

  • "Personal attention - love the one on one training and workout variety "   ― J. W.

  • "As I continue to battle the challenge of a knee replacement future, my trainer keeps coming up with new programs to keep the rest of my body fit. I appreciate that constant encouragement to keep working. Thank you, Kerry!!!"   ― K. C.

  • "Flexible. Friendly. Personable. Kindly push you to improve. Very encouraging."   ― K. A.

  • "Personal or small group training, cleanliness, no judgement zone, not pretentious, trainers who care about my success & teaching my goals. "   ― P. A.

  • "Personalized work out is great!"   ― T. A.

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