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How to Choose the Right Protein

Feb 12, 2016

A difficult decision, in regard to nutrition, is that of protein. Whether or not you should add synthetic protein (bars, shakes, etc.) to your diet, and which brand/type is the best for you.

The answer is not simple and requires much research. Your body size, workout program, and fitness goals are only a few factors to consider when choosing what protein to ingest.

Some things to pay attention to when you are making this decision include grams of protein, grams of sugar, amount of carbohydrates, the type of protein, and calories. These are all very important, because with synthetic protein, you’re getting more than just protein.

And also consider the option of only ingesting natural protein. The protein that comes from meat, beans, and nuts may be all your body needs to reach your nutrition and fitness goals.

So whether you are thinking of adding synthetic protein to your diet, or want to switch to a different protein shake, be sure to do your research and ask a nutrition professional before making a decision.


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