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Halloween How To

Nov 6, 2015

Halloween is one of those favored holidays for children; scary for adults. The excitement of getting dressed up and indulging in treats is a time-honored tradition. But when you have fitness goals, keeping candy in the house can be a scary thought. Don’t let the treats derail your fitness goals and progress! Below you will find a guide to picking out the healthiest treats to enjoy for yourself and to pass out to others.

If you have to choose between Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers, go for the Snickers. Snickers contain less fat, saturated fat and 10 less calories. Plus the actual peanuts in Snickers can help you feel fuller longer. When choosing between Skittles and Starbursts, choose Starbursts. As with Snickers, Starbursts are fat and saturated fat free. Starbursts also contain fewer artificial ingredients than Skittles. Next up is Hershey’s Kisses and plain Chocolate M&Ms. The winner comes down to portion control, which is Hershey’s Kisses. Kisses are individually wrapped and take longer to eat. M&M’s are easy to grab several handfuls of before you realize how much you truly have consumed. M&Ms also contain an artificial coloring shell.

In the battle between Smarties and Nerds, Smarties are the winner. Per one package, they are only 25 calories. Nerds contain triple the calories and high amounts of sugar. Smarties will also leave you feeling fuller longer because of their larger size.

You can also pick up organic lollipops and other hard candies at health food stores! Health food stores have strict rules against ingredients they allow on their shelves so their candy would be the best choice. The real trick with Halloween is to enjoy candy in moderation. If you know you will mindlessly snack on it in the days leading up to Halloween, don’t buy it until the actual day. Also make sure to check the portion size on the bag before you dig in!


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