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Free Weights vs. Exercise Machines

Dec 3, 2015

There are many different gyms with many different types of exercise equipment and machines. Here at Fitness Together, we have a barbell, a cable machine and free weights to use for strength training. In some bigger fitness facilities, you may have seen several different varieties of exercise machines.

By using free weights, like the ones we have at Fitness Together, we are able to perform functional training. The weight training machines, on the other hand, allow a person to perform many isolation exercises.

There are benefits to both, but in general, functional training is going to be more ideal for improving daily living. Isolation training would be helpful for specific goals, such as muscular hypertrophy, and for certain rehabilitation scenarios.

If you are unsure about which exercises are right for you, be sure and ask your trainer. In general, it is most beneficial to perform a variety of exercises, which would include free weights and machines.


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