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Exercises for Core

Jan 7, 2016

Exercises for Core

First, we need to understand the difference between your “abs” and your “core”. When we say abs, we’re referring to your abdominal muscles, which are the muscles that make up the six pack and the obliques. The core is referring to every muscle besides those in your arms and legs. The core is the deep trunk muscles involved in almost every action the body does. This muscle group often acts as a stabilizer for the body.

So… what exercises can be done to work the core instead of just focusing on the abs.

  1. Plank – the plank is a classic. A perfect exercise to activate all stabilizing core muscles.
  2. Birddog – this exercise is great for beginners and has been proven to reduce lower back pain.
  3. Side planks – focusing more on the obliques, but still great for the overall core
  4. Stability ball plank rollouts – this exercise is much more advanced but is an awesome core strengthening exercise. Set forearms down on the stability ball with your feet behind you on the floor and slowing roll the ball front and back.

The core can be trained daily, so be sure and include a handful of core exercises to your daily routine.


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