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Blog / Nutrition

How to Choose the Right Protein

Samantha Fredricks - Certified Personal Trainer Feb 12, 2016 Nutrition

A difficult decision, in regard to nutrition, is that of protein. Whether or not you should add synthetic protein (bars, shakes, etc.) to your diet, and which brand/type is the best for you. The answer is not simple and requires much research.  Your body size, workout program, and fitness goals are only a few factors to consider when choosing what protein to ingest. Some...

Halloween How To

Lauren Nelson - Certified Personal Trainer Nov 6, 2015 Nutrition

Halloween is one of those favored holidays for children; scary for adults. The excitement of getting dressed up and indulging in treats is a time-honored tradition. But when you have fitness goals, keeping candy in the house can be a scary thought. Don’t let the treats derail your fitness goals and progress! Below you will find a guide to picking out the healthiest treats...

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