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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Jan 3, 2018 by D. R.
"The team and the individualized training "

Dec 31, 2017 by O. M.
"Great trainers, really focused on individual goals, good form, etc. always look forward to going to the workout. "

Dec 13, 2017 by B. N.
"Great staff, great group classes, everything is top notch."

Dec 7, 2017 by T. B.
"Great trainers. Flexible schedule"

Nov 28, 2017 by C. N.
"Excellent trainers with great experience who care about my goals and what I want to accomplish - and I've made serious progress from the time I started years ago."

Nov 17, 2017 by S. C.
"Great trainers and workout facility."

Nov 7, 2017 by J. B.
"Personal attention. "

Oct 19, 2017 by M. G.
"Great team that is patient and encouraging."

Oct 12, 2017 by C. B.
"Incredible trainers, energy is on point! I love FT!"

Sep 30, 2017 by D. R.
"It’s a great group and totally focused on what is best for you. "

Sep 18, 2017 by J. R.
"Trainers are very knowledgeable and share with clients. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and very supportive to each individual client! I actually was able to quite smoking with the help of My trainer! Where else could one get that kind of service from a fitness program!"

Sep 7, 2017 by J. B.
"I like the low key atmosphere. Everyone is friendly. My Trainer Jenn is great about accommodating a few limitations I have Smso I can do exercises with injuring myself. The pace of workouts is fast. It's always over before I realize it- which is great. The workouts are always changing and I'm using equipment I never would have attempted on my own!"

Sep 6, 2017 by C. N.
"I enjoy the relationship with my trainer. I enjoy being able to focus on my fitness goals. I enjoy the variety of workouts."

Sep 5, 2017 by S. T.
"Level of professionalism and competence of my trainer. "

Sep 4, 2017 by K. S.
"The beautiful personalized services and the fact that my trainer has also had pt experience."

Aug 31, 2017 by E. Z.

Aug 18, 2017 by J. K.
"Trainers are attuned to clients needs and max out workouts. Awesome job joe and james"

Aug 12, 2017 by J. C.
"Very personalized service. Great flexibility."

Jul 27, 2017 by S. B.
"I think your trainers are top notch. I also like the simplicity of the place. Great way to get back into a fitness program. I would recommend you to anyone looking for the one on one attention."

Jul 22, 2017 by L. E. M.
"You're great, but most of the people I know would not be able to afford it."

Reviews Provided by Listen360