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Our Owners

Andrew Henderson, M.S.

Andrew Henderson, M.S.

Owner ACE Certified Personal Trainer

 My favorite exercise or body part to train: I enjoy strength training, especially for my back muscles.  I do pull-ups at least once a week because they work so many different muscles, and are a great way for me to track my strength to body weight – the heavier I am – the harder they are!  I prefer to do my cardio training through activities like biking, hiking, and running outside with my 2 dogs Dusty and Koko – I’ve got “cardio-induced ADD”, so it’s has to be fun for me to do it for very long. 

My least favorite exercise or body part to train: My hamstrings, especially using Romanian Dead lifts.  While the exercise itself isn’t that bad, it’s the next few days after I do them which really hurt.  For some reason, RDL’s get me more sore than any other exercise, especially if I haven’t done them in a while!  

What fitness means to me: Fitness to me is about keeping my body and mind strong so that I can enjoy my life every to the fullest.  It is about the confidence it gives me, knowing that I am investing in my own health. To a large extent, I can dictate the quality of my own life by the decisions I make every day, including how I exercise and what I eat.  That is powerful.

Why my clients succeed:  I believe my clients succeed because I take the time to educate them.  If a person understands why they are doing a particular exercise program and how it benefits them, they are much more likely to continue with it and give great effort.  “Because I said so” is not enough anymore.  A great trainer motivates through many different techniques, including educating their clients.

For Fun: Mountain biking, playing guitar, skiing, boating, reading, cooking, and hanging out with my family!