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As we continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), 
we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our customers and partners. 

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Now Offering Live 1:1 VIRTUAL Personal Training

Now Offering
Live 1:1 VIRTUAL Personal Training

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Live 1:1 Virtual Personal Training brings a personal trainer into the comfort of your own space, making it easy to personalize your workout plan on your own time so you can reach your goals.

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Northborough Personal Training

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As fitness professionals, our personal trainers help clients by motivating them to make exercise a fun part of their lives. Whether it's improving your overall health and wellness, or seeking fitness through strength training, helping you get out of bed without pain, running faster, jumping higher, or learning about your weight management options to reach your fitness goals, we're eager to start you on a journey that could change your life forever.

Here are the areas of fitness we specialize in:

Baby Boomer/Older-Adult Training, High-Intensity Interval and Tabata Training, Small Group or Partner Training, Mixed Martial Arts Inspired Workouts, Boot Camps, Training for Women, Youth Fitness, Strength Training or Body Weight Training - we're ready to guide you in achieving your fitness and health goals.

Our nutrition program, Nutrition Together*, isn't about dieting. It's about giving you the knowledge to change how you eat. Nutrition counseling sessions will cover topics ranging from how to eat light (and enjoy it) to grocery shopping, dining out and changing unhealthy eating behaviors. When you add smart nutrition to regular workouts, you have an unbeatable program for helping to meet your fitness goals.

Fitness Together has the perfect program to get you the results you want - please call508.393.1660;or email Fitness Together today and learn more.

Please follow us on our blog for fitness information on cardio, nutrition, strength, success stories, fitness trends as well as fun topics and other ideas.

  • "The trainers are great. They know their clients and what each one needs. Wry nice and clean facility. It is addictive as the more you work out the better you feel. "   ― M. R.

  • "the one on one aspect of the service and the friendliness of the trainers"   ― N. P.

  • "One on one personal training is the best!"   ― K. B.

  • "The trainers care a great deal about my health and well-being. I truly love them all!! Thanks to them I am much stronger than I was 6 months ago. "   ― E. D.

  • "Once again, Fitness Together of Northborough, MA has exceeded my expectations. Beyond tailor designed exercise programs and targeted physical therapy, the thoroughly trained dietitian on staff is now helping me with adjusting my nutrition to lower my blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar numbers As age changes, so do the types of foods we eat need to change; they affect us differently. In a conference we analyzed my choices of foods meal by meal as recorded over a week's time. In general I had been making good choices. However, only the expertise of the dietician could perceive that some food items were missing and others were in need of adjustment. I was pleased that her with her suggestion; they were reasonable and attainable. Helping me to set my new goals and choosing a deadline to adjust to those goals is my next step. Stay tuned. More to come. "   ― P. O.

  • "Personalization "   ― M. P.

  • "The consistency and commitment of my trainer Scott R"   ― J. S.

  • "I love the small group workouts and the care that the team has for me and my weight and fitness goals"   ― E. D.

  • "I have enjoyed Northborough Fitness Together for several years. The one on one attention and the tailor-made programs cannot be beat. The client discuses with the trainer his goals for strength training and nutrition. A multi-faceted program is then developed. .Each exercise is demonstrated by the trainer and the client's form is monitored to maximize the benefits and avoid injuries. Assessments are performed every several weeks. The client discusses his progress with the trainer, receives a copy of the report and sets or adjusts goals for the next few weeks. Scheduling workouts is easy and flexible. Hours of operation suit most schedules. The studio setting is pleasant and private, The trainers are friendly, empathetic and knowledgeable."   ― P. O.

  • "Highly appreciate the enthusiasm on your side to make me FIT."   ― P. S.

  • "Always personable, always professional, always accommodating. In my ten years with Fitness Together Northborough I have received great personal training and information for my needs. They always are able to accommodate schedule changes, and accommodate exercises according to my changing physical health. The studio setting is private, exercise equipment is up-to-date, challenges provide incentives, and with other clients present but not huge crowds, it makes for a nice social and exercise setting."   ― P. O.

  • "The personal trainers are really friendly and helpful and they talk to you like friends "   ― D. P.

  • "Each client is important and welcome"   ― R. B.

  • "Fitness Together is a great place to get a consistent workout and to meet your fitness goals. I highly recommend them."   ― T. J.

  • "on line"   ― P. S.

  • "very flexible. very caring one-on-one. Although not promoted as such, I think Fitness Together is a great way for those with limitations and physical challenges to work out to the best of their ability in a safe and comfortable setting."   ― R. B.

  • "The personal attention the trainers give to their clients, Their understanding to meet each persons individual needs,"   ― G. S.

  • "I go to Fitness Together Northborough because I like the accountability of the personal training and nutrition. The trainers are very knowledgeable and regularly change up the workouts so that each session is different. It is a great place regardless of your level of fitness. However, I highly recommend FT Northborough for those that like to maintain a high level of fitness. Regular training schedules allow you to maintain and/or increase both cardio fitness and strength."   ― T. J.

  • "My husband likes and trusts his "therapist" as he refers to Garrett. They work together as a team and when I ask "how did it go today?" he says that his "therapist" told him that today was the best I have seen you do. that positive reinforcement makes him look forward to coming back. "   ― R. B.

  • "The personal attention and the concern for the clients needs."   ― G. S.

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