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"Lifestyle Thinking"

Marti Carrier Jul 18, 2015 News


Cramp Relief Part 1

Fitness Together Apr 9, 2013 News


Why you Should Hire a Certified Personal Trainer?

Mark Carrier Jul 25, 2012 News

I was talking with one of our Norfolk clients the other day; it was after her training session with one of our certified trainers (Kelsey). Diane told me how Kelsey had to correct her on her form and technique with an exercise.She then made a very smart and observational statement. She simply said, even when I think I am doing the exercise perfectly, there are small corrections...

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Jan 11, 2012 News

As New Year’s resolutions gain popularity this time of year, many jump on the bandwagon of losing weight, getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle. While we all can benefit from making these types of positive lifestyle changes, most resolutions fizzle out, unfortunately, before they even have a chance to settle in. So, why does this popular annual pastime of making...

10 Common Mistakes Made by Individuals

Aug 31, 2011 News

1 - Not warming up before stretching. Because stretching cold muscles increases your chances of injuring yourself, you should always warm up (i.e., perform activities that will increase your body temperature enough to ‘‘warm’’ you up sufficiently to safely begin exercising) before stretching. Contrary to popular belief, stretching is not a warm-up.2 -...

August 2011 News Letter

Fitness Together Norfolk VA Aug 2, 2011 News


Abdominal/Core Circuit

IDEA Aug 1, 2011 News

This versatile circuit  can be applied to groups of almost any size and fitness level and is limited only by your ability to organize, instruct and train.Abdominal/Core Circuit DetailsFormat: a circuit that focuses on the abdominals and coreTotal Time: approximately 30–40 minutesEquipment Needed: medicine balls, stability balls, mats, weights, weighted hoops, weighted...

Keeping yourself motivated to Exercise

LiveStrong Jun 25, 2011 News

OverviewWe are all aware of the importance of regular exercise, but sometimes it’s hard to get yourself motivated to actually do something physical. If the weather is bad or you're feeling less enthusiastic than usual, you may be tempted to skip your workout. Before long, this can become a habit and soon you may find that you are hardly getting any exercise or none at all....

Protein Needs for Athletes

Bill Campbell, PhD, CSCS, FISSN Jun 16, 2011 News

Introduction How much protein do athletes need on a daily basis? What sources of proteins are the best? Are the times that protein is ingested important for gaining lean muscle mass and strength? These are the most pertinent questions that athletes, coaches, and trainers ask on a consistent basis in relation to protein intake. While carbohydrates are the key nutrient...

June 2011 News Letter

Fitness Together Norfolk Jun 11, 2011 News


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