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August Client of the Month!

Sep 9, 2020


Congratulations Judith!

Judith came to Fitness Together just shy of a year ago. She realized that she did have the power to transform her body, feel more confident and to generally be healthier but needed help to get there. At first she was hesitant with a full time job, family life with young children, but when her youngest started school she felt more than ready!

Judith’s favorite part of training with FT is knowing that she has the support she needs to reach her goals. Support by our trainers who are knowledgeable and committed and care about her success!

Judith’s favorite exercise is exercise itself, she has no favorites she loves it all. She enjoys feeling good after her workouts and gives her all every session. She strives to take the steps to become a better, healthier Judith.

Her proudest achievement since starting with FT is that she hasn’t missed a single training session despite how tired, busy, or how difficult things may be. She has made herself a priority. Judith feels healthier, stronger, sleeps more soundly and feels better about herself. She is able to physically keep up with her kids.

Judith keeps telling her husband that she plans to be stronger and healthier in her 50’s than she was in her 30’s and 40’s! So far she feels she is off to a great start!


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