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At Fitness Together in Nashville - we provide you with your very own personal trainer, a private studio and your personalized workout program. At Fitness Together, we've got the experience it takes to help clients reach their goals. See what it's like to work out in a private fitness studio with a professional trainer who can help you get from your current health or fitness level to where you want to be. Forget the fad diets. Forget the gimmicks.


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John Taylor
Client of the Month - November 2014 FT Brentwood

Most everyone agrees that exercise is a powerful preventive and sometimes an antidote for illness & disability. The older we get, it becomes important to continue or state an exercise program. I am 76 years old and can attest to the many benefits available through a personalized fitness program.

At age 72 I experienced a life changing and nearly life ending cardiac event. I was overweight with high blood sugar, high cholesterol & high blood pressure. I did not eat to live, I lived to eat and the last thing I thought about was exercising. In short, I was a heart attack waiting to happen.

In January 2011, I experienced the type of heart failure that 90% of patients do not survive. I was in the hospital a few days and then completed 12 weeks in a cardiac rehab program at the hospital. The rehab program provided exactly what it was designed to do in the allotted 12 weeks. The program instructors constantly reminded us that it was essential to continue a program similar to the rehab program being completed. I also noted that several patients in the program had been there before and had experienced more than one heart issue. When I questioned why, most stated that they did not follow the advice given and did not want to change their lifestyle regarding such things as eating properly and especially exercising. I could not imagine coming that close to death and not doing everything possible to avoid a second and possibly life ending event.

My next challenge was to develop a plan to continue after rehab graduation. I know that I was motivated to live but also accepted the face that I would need structure and accountability in order to succeed. Fortunately for me, I found the folks at Fitness Together in May, 2011. They presented a program that was approved by cardiologist and we started down a path that has lasted 3 ½ years to date and has resulted in a physical & mental fitness level that I can only remember in my 30’s.

I can not say enough about the staff at Fitness Together. They are a great group of individuals who are dedicated to their clients. They are all very professional and knowledgeable and over time, have become like family. I go to Fitness Together 4 days a week and feel guilty if I miss a session (which is rarely). A good exercise program can become addictive as it can make an enormous difference to quality & length of life.

During the 3 ½ years at Fitness Together, I have experienced the following results and benefits:

My physicians continue to be “amazed” (their word) at my recovery and present state of health. They are all quick to credit 90% to my Fitness Together program. 

I encourage people to work with a personal trainer for the following reasons, I know it works for me:

Anyone with fitness goals and willing to make the commitment to reach those goals need to contact the folks at Fitness Together and see what they can do for you. YOU WILL BE AMAZED.