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Our Owners

Annette Suridis and Paula Allia

Annette Suridis and Paula Allia


Covid-19 has affected each and every one of us in some way over the past few months. Never did I ever think we would experience such a challenge in today's world. Here we are today. We are opening and want everyone to know that we are using caution throughout the studio. We use an approved hospital grade cleaner as we always have been but will take a little extra time to be thorough so as to keep everyone comfortable with our procedures and to use caution to avoid the covid-19 pandemic.

We have provided virtual training for years with clients over the summer months. Now, we have advanced to including any client that was to keep up what they have gained by coming in to our facility. What better time than right now to make a change to a healthier you not only physicall but mentally as well.

Paula, Annette and now Steve have decided that there had to be a better way to motivate each and every client differently to meet their specific individual's goals.

Both Annette and Paula teamed together to bring a finer balance to assessing clients, finding the areas to improve upon for each client and executing a thorough plan to reach the goals of each individual client. FT Naples (downtown) has been open since 2004 and is growing strong. The success is based on positive results.

Annette brings a background in personal training with over 19 years of experience. "I like to stay in the loop and train our clients when I am not working on the day to day operations," says Annette. " I listen to the needs of clients and we are constantly trying to improve year after year".

Paula brings a plethora of experiences first as a collegiate athlete then over 40 years of experience in Physical Therapy. Her expertise in orthopedics, manual therapy, exercise physiology, and orthotic fabrication is exceptional.. "I listen to clients, observe, and use the wisdom I have learned over the years to treat each person. I continue to learn and grow every day".

Steve graduated from FGCU with a degree in exercise science. He has had over 8 years experience. Inclusive in his work history he has worked with the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins MLB teams.

We are ready and here to serve you. We want you to know that exercise has been all of our passions and we can help you meet your needs.

Here's to your HEALTH!