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How does our training differ from other facilities?

One of our owners has been a physical therapist for over 35 years! Each program is different. We try and address a combination of pilates, yoga, and strength training in our programs depending upon an individual's needs.

We uniquely set up a program that is tailor made to meet your goals. This could be adjusting a program for orthopedic injury, posture, movement impairments, interval training, sport specific training like golf or tennis, or a well rounded workout for the healthy individual that wants to push themselves to other limits.

Some people in Naples just want to maintain themselves while they enjoy the beauty and socialization in Naples' season. We can custom that too!

Q: How long until I see results?

A: We assess our clients regularly. Our clients who have followed our complete weekly plan and journaled their healthy nutrition plans have consistently seen positive results, including remarkable improvements in strength and endurance during this period. Like most things in life, the more YOU put into it, the more YOU will get out of it.

Typically we have seen 5lbs lost in as little as a month....

Q: How many times a week does the typical client work out?

A: There are no “typical” clients – everyone’s program is unique to their goals, their time commitment, and their budget. Some of our clients train 2-4 times per week.

4 times per week for best results.

What are the hours of operation?

We are open at 5:30 am Monday through Saturday by appointment only. We understand that some people are early birds and some later in the day. We will try and accommodate every need.

What services are provided in this studio?

We specifically provide one-on-one personal training and physical therapy in private suites. Our goals are to maximize function to enhance the quality in your sports as well as all of your activities of daily living.

Where is Fitness Together located?

We are located in the beautiful downtown Naples area just off of 3rd Street South. Take 3rd Street South south until you get to 14th Ave South. Take a left and we are in the one story building on the left hand side of the street. Parking is available in the parking lot or right on the street in front of the studio.

Why should I choose Fitness Together ??

Fitness Together is a unique private personal training studio. It is a studio that provides quality in all aspects of wellness. The atmosphere is special and all of the clients are treated with class. Each trainer at FT is certified by a nationally recognized organization.

Our passion is to treat each individual in the appropriate manner to achieve their goals. Safety, quality, precision and appropriate execution of the exercises is of utmost importance.

Our philosophy is “1 client-1 trainer-1 goal”. Our clients reap the benefits of our unique training programs as we help them achieve all of their fitness goals in our private training suites.