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Fantasy Fitness 2017 Champions: Team Crystal

Fantasy Fitness 2017 Champions: Team Crystal

Mike Heydt

This years Fantasy Fitness certainly was memorable.  We had about 30% more participation compared to last year.  This place was BUZZING with contestants doing cardio!  Pete was amazed at how many people were here putting in extra work...sometimes double and triple bouts of exercise!   Again, in 2017 Crystal's team won by utilizing a combination of extra sessions, cardio, and 100% compliance with social media challenges!  All of the trainers were vying to out do their co-workers each week and motivate their team to score more points.  The crazy part about this was how it ended.  As a whole league, the team average score was somewhere between 95-120 points per week.  The championship week score was Team Crystal 291 - Team Pete 249.  Both teams more than doubled the average score in one week...JUST CRAZY!  The Champions of the 2017 Fantasy Fitness are Crystal, Michaela, Chris, Liz, Sheila, Donna, and subs were Karen and Kevin.  The "Winner Dinner" will be held in the coming weeks and trophies will be awarded.  Speaking on awards, Susan was our MVP this year and scored an AMAZING 302 points this season for Team Pete.  We look forward to not only next years' Fantasy Fitness, but the upcoming winter and spring challenges.  Congrats to all of the participants for an amazing run, and thank you for putting in all of your hard work!

Happy Holidays!


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