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Light The Night Morristown: October 26th

Tori Post Oct 3, 2019 News

You may have seen the flyers posted around the studio, but incase you haven't, here is some more information on Light The Night Morristown.  A special opportunity to raise awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and blood cancers.  

Fall Program: Fantasy Fitness

Mike Heydt Sep 3, 2019 News

Another Fall season is upon us, and that means cleaning up leaves(blah!), bonfires, football, and of course fantasy football...It also means FT is bringing back the wildly popular Fantasy Fitness!  All of the trainers have been chomping at the bit for this promo to start and we have talked extensively over the summer in anticipation.  Most of the rules of the program are the same as last year with a few exceptions...Check it out!

"One Great Workout Away"

Mike Heydt Jan 7, 2019 News

You are not one great or amazing workout away from your goal.  You are 30 good workouts in close proximity away from hitting your goal(s).  This blog discusses the power of consistency across all levels of health & fitness.

Welcome to the Team: Pete

Mike Heydt Dec 20, 2018 News

Pete  has been around Fitness Together since I started here in 2011.  He would train here, and do cardio on his own in preparation for his upcoming sport season.  When Pete popped in to say hi a few months ago, I asked big Pete(the owner), what he was up to, since he just graduated from JMU.  He said that Pete had just got home and had graduated with a degree in Athletic Training...and the light bulb popped on in my head.

Fantasy Fitness 2018

Mike Heydt Nov 26, 2018 News

Check out our full recap of Fantasy Fitness 2018.  This is our annual member program, where clients get drafted to a team that is coached by one of our trainers.  Fantasy Football style scoring for each visit type to our studio.

New To The Team: Tori Post

Mike Aug 7, 2018 News

Check out a brief introduction and bio of the newest member of our team, Tori Post!

New to the Team: Rob McMillan

Mike Heydt Nov 9, 2017 News

Rob's backround in the cardiac rehabilitation and coaching field made him an essential fit for our team.  Find out more on Rob in his short autobiography here...

New to the Team at FT: Emma

Mike Heydt Sep 14, 2017 News

Incase you have not met our new trainer, Emma, here is a brief autobiography.  Emma brings youthful grit, and determination to our team.  She's a fast learner and has fantastic people skills...

New to the Team at FT: Troy

Mike Heydt Jul 29, 2017 News

Incase you have not met our new trainer, Troy, here is a quick autobiography.  Troy brings a great amount of knowledge, experience, and personality to our team.  Enjoy!

Creating Your Own Fitness Routine (Part 5-Conclusion): Set A Schedule

Anders Bjornson B.S., NASM, ACSM, ACE Sep 12, 2016 News

In this conclusion to our 5-part blog series, Anders applies the metaphorical glue that holds all of the other parts together.  Jam packed with tons of scientific info, this is all you need to "Create Your Own Fitness Routine."

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