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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.


Kim S

Happy Bride. The team at Fitness Together Mission Hills helped me achieve my goal to feel good and fit comfortably into my wedding dress. I got married on April 7th and my trainers at FT in Mission Hills helped me get the job done.

The best part was actually the workouts and how good I felt afterwards and how the sessions actually helped me deal with the stress of planning and wedding and working two jobs. I slept better and I went from a size 8/10 to a size 6!* I had not been a size 6 pants since I did the Rock n Roll marathon back in 2005.

I would highly recommend them to any bride and tell her to budget them in. I made the cost for the 6-month sessions part of my wedding budget.

In my book, I thought how I looked was as important as the flowers! Now I look at the pictures and will for years to come and be thrilled at how they look.


Nicole S

A transformational joy. Working out at Fitness Together in Mission Hills has been a tremendously positive experience. From the first conversation I had over the phone with Blake, to each of the workouts with all of the trainers, I have enjoyed my time and am extremely grateful for having found this group. Just a little background on why I chose FT in Mission Hills – I am a workaholic and excuse expert. Over the last few years, as my work responsibilities increased, my physical health decreased. Once having been happy and excited to get to the gym, I became increasingly avoidant – sometimes with good reason, such as “I’m exhausted - over the course of three days I have slept seven hours,” and sometimes without good reason, “I’m not going to work out today – there are too many sweaty people at the gym.” I’ve tried every yoga class, every Pilates studio, every spin class, Zumba, what have you. I’ve belonged to expensive and not as expensive gyms. I’ve worked out with trainers and followed my own regime. All of those things were fine and worked on some levels, but they just weren’t sticky enough for me. And over the years, I abandoned all of them, my body paying the price. I came to FT feeling years older than I am, and realizing that I was, for the first time in my life, completely lost at the gym.

Blake and Gwen’s team helped me out of my self-induced fitness confusion and transformed my mind and body, helping me to again feel confident, strong, capable and healthy. From the various healthy snacks for your post-work out refuel, to the ultra-clean, well-taken-care-of cardio machines, there for you to conveniently warm up before your session, it is obvious from the minute you walk in the door how much pride this team takes in ensuring a safe, fun, clean and effective workout. They are extremely flexible and have worked around my silly work and travel schedule, helping me fit my work outs in at times that are digestible for me. I cannot even begin to describe how important and helpful their flexibility has been. They make the experience fun, easy and positive. It’s a workout I always look forward to. It’s an experience I always enjoy. And it’s a team I am always feel grateful knowing. Each trainer – Blake, Gene, Allison, Alyssa and Cat – has taken the careful time to get to know me, my boundaries and my strengths, and to help me achieve the best results for me. After each session, I feel stronger, healthier, slimmer and more energized. Over the course of a few months, I know I am stronger, healthier, slimmer and more energized.* The workouts are challenging and fun, interesting every time, effective every time. It’s all because of this team of expert, passionate, caring trainers who have my best interest in mind. And here’s the added bonus, these aren’t just smart, educated and driven health professionals, these are great people who you actually enjoy seeing every week. They truly care about you both as a client and as a person.

If you have the opportunity to check out FT in Mission Hills – do it! It will do all of the great and wonderful things for your body and… it will make you feel better. I am so lucky to have found Blake and Gwen’s team. It’s been the best gift I’ve given myself and has been more than worth it. Can't wait for my next workout!




Roxane H

I can't say enough good things about Fitness Together Mission Hills. Gwen and Blake (owners) genuinely care about their clients -- they make you feel like family. I started at FT in July 2010 and since then, I've improved my strength, my balance and my confidence (not to mention that my body fat's dropped by 2 points!)*. If you're tired of the impersonal Frogs/LA Fitness routine and are ready to make a commitment to your health, then check out FTMH. This is by no means a quick fix -- and it's not cheap -- but you will get real results, delivered by some of the nicest people on the planet!

Tony H

I Feel Like Dancin!!!!!. I started training with Fitness Together (“FT”) before one of those milestone moments (my 40th birthday). I googled trainers and gyms, read reviews, etc. and FT just seemed like a good place to start. I walked in the door weighing about 178 pounds, with 27% body fat and couldn’t stop looking at the clock for the entire 45 minutes I was there. It was sad, but I’d let myself go.

Blake, along with trainers Cat, Alison and Mark, really helped me to focus and get back into working out and eating properly. I went from 178 lbs/27% body fat to 150 + pounds and 12% body fat.* I’d lost more than 25 pounds*, gained a good bit of muscle and (the best part) was able to fit back into those 29” waist low rise jeans I’d spent a small fortune on*.

My two biggest issues were (1) getting motivated enough to get off my rear and work out; and (2) my anxiety over going to one of the chain fitness centers where there are so many people, long lines for equipment, etc. After a few visits to FT I was certainly motivated enough. Each time I went in I was able to do just a little more than I had on the prior visit. I was feeling so good I even pulled my bike (purchased 3 years earlier and NEVER ridden) out of the garage and started riding it to FT and work 3 days a week. A huge selling point for me is the one-on-one time with your trainer and the 1 person workout bays. It really makes going back to the chain centers all the more difficult.

I’ve already gotten one friend to start training at Fitness Together and I tell everyone else that will listen just how great they are. After 3 or so months, I felt like doing something I hadn’t done in well over 2 years – dancing. I had a blast on New Years Eve and continue to have a blast with everyone at Fitness Together.


Jenn H

My experience with Fitness Together in Mission Hills has been fantastic!

I live in the neighborhood and stopped in to check out the facility. I was very impressed from the beginning because it truly is one-on-one training... There are individual "suites" with equipment dedicated to you and your workout only which makes the sessions extremely efficient! I absolutely HATE going to the larger gyms with the shared equipment and awkward stares. That is never a concern when I work out here!

I train with Blake and he is fantastic. The workouts are completely personalized and tailored to my goals (ie: get in beach shape!) , and they genuinely care about your progress. I have been involved with other fitness programs and worked with other trainers, but I never was satisfied with the results. I am thrilled with how things have been going at FT - I not only get an efficient and productive workout, but Blake and Gwen have changed the way I approach exercise and nutrition.

I highly recommend Fitness Together in Mission Hills! It's worth stopping by to at least talk to Gwen and Blake to see what the place is all about. You'll be hooked before you leave... trust me.


Mike R

I wanted to thank all of you guys for the great job you do. You and Gwen are good people. Dave was an awesome trainer. I miss Fawn, what an upbeat person. I LOVE Jesse's high energy style for training, and hope I continue to get a few sessions with him. And - I don't have his email - but I especially wanted to recognize and thank Luke. He's a great trainer, with a great training style. But it was his words that motivated me to change my diet and drop some weight. I'm down to 158*, within just a few pounds of my goal. I ran 5 miles without stopping today, my best in years. This is huge to me. Nice job and many thanks - please pass the word along.

Mike R

Marla H

The pounds are FALLING off*. I have definition in my arms, I can see my collar bone, all of these lovely parts of my body…I am beginning to recognize them again! I have set a goal to shed 50lbs…I only have 18lbs* to go and I feel like I WILL be there by summer. And just in time to have another baby…not preggers yet but I want to get the rest of weight off so I can think about having a 2nd. It was the foundation I built at FT that gave me the tools to go out and be successful on my own. ESPECAILLY IN NUTRITION. I never established proper eating habits..eating too little or too much. However, when I started running I realized I need a healthy diet to keep me energized and injury free. I stuck to the meal plan Gwen gave me for the first few weeks – DOWN TO THE LAST BITE. Once I was re-educated on portion size, acceptable substitutions, etc…I was able to start building my own meal plans again. Meal plans that focused on carbs for runs and proteins for recovery.

Thank you guys so much for your guidance. It so good to finally feel good in my own skin!

Joe B

Best Personal Trainers in San Diego. When I moved to SD two years ago I had no idea where to go to get advice on ways to improve my health, and I really wanted to lose weight before summer. My doctor recommended me to Fitness Together and said that they were the best nutritionists and fitness experts, all in one service.*

I have been going to Fitness Together for 4 months and I have already dropped so much weight.* I have really never felt so good! The staff is encouraging and they set real, obtainable goals based on your individual work out. Anyone that wants the best work out advice, health knowledge, and care about their fitness should check out Fitness Together.

Joel S

Blake and Gwen were great to work with. I had sessions from a package I had purchased back east. Blake worked with the east coast franchise and ensured the process went smoothly.

They will help keep you on track with your goals(fitness and nutrition both) - ensure you're on the schedule for each week. It's easy to skip a week, and before you know it, months have passed.

Isn't it great to feel sore.!!!

Clean facility, always drinks, towel, and snacks for you. There's also a mini cardio room if you arrive early/stay late and wish to sweat it out some more.

My trainer, Jesse was very good. Great match for my goals.

Walk in and say hi to Blake, he'll give you an honest assessment.

Haley M

My experience at Fitness Together Missions Hills was life changing. I got engaged in December of 2007 and found my dream wedding dress in April 2008. I then proceeded to stress eat and lost time for “me”. I tried my dress on again in October and it did not fit the way I wanted. I decided I had to kick it in gear, as my wedding was Jan. 31st, 2009. From the start Gwen and Blake made me feel comfortable and gave me the reassurance I needed. After my first workout with Blake I knew they could help me accomplish my goals in just a short amount of time. The training suites are set up privately, so there is no fear or intimidation, plus it’s just me, and the trainer totally focused on my needs and goals. My trainers had me doing exercises I never imagined I could do. Gwen gave me nutrition guidance, and showed me ways to count calories and eat better, even with a busy schedule. I started seeing my body transform within the first few weeks. I got stronger, had more endurance and felt great. I reached, and even exceeded the goals I had set by the wedding date, and felt amazing on my wedding day. I dropped 5 pounds of body fat*, lost 1.25 inches* in both my hips and my thighs! I lost 2 inches in my waist*, and had become leaner, harder looking and more confident in my appearance for the biggest event in my life. Most importantly, I gained life skills that I will carry forever. I now go to the gym on my own and am confident in my workouts. I am healthier and happier for my new future. I could not have done it on my own without the skills they gave me. Blake, Gwen, and the staff at Fitness Together will always hold a special place in my heart!

Kim C

The "Biggest Winner" !!!!!!. I have been training with Alison at Fitness Together for over a year and love the one-on-one training I have received. Blake and Gwen run a first class personal fitness facility that really care about their clients. This facility provides you with all tools and training you need to be the "Biggest Winner" in meeting all your fitness goals!

Nancy W

Technically, I'm still a newbie at FT. I've been going for almost 3 months, now. Anyway, after having let myself go for about the last 5-6 years, I re-discovered fitness, with a lot of help from the FT "family". At one time I was in phenomenal shape and then, after the gym I had been going to in Mission Hills, closed its doors, I too, closed mine, to exercise. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and just popped into FT one day and said, I'm READY! So, Blake developed a schedule and I adhered to it. I go 3 times a week and the trainers are ALL great! I've worked with them all. I had a trainer in the past, however, he was not certified and I believe that alot of my back problems can be attributed to my workouts with him. Not that he wasn't good, but, he really didn't pay attention and just kept piling on the weights. In hindsight, I should've know better. Gwen is fabulous with the nutrition aspect of the program. She gave me a lot of tips and strategies. However, do I apply them all.......well, I'm trying. I know that a lot of it is ME. Although, I have never felt better, I still have not reached my goal, but, when Blake started to look into what WASN'T happening, he re-did my entire workout regimen and since then, I am really doing a lot better. They are all fantastic at FT.....I love them all and truly believe they will do anything within their power to help YOU reach YOUR goals! I have lost 13.25 inches* so far, and, have lowered my body fat* and my blood pressure....still working!

BethAnn W

I just returned from a great session, and I feel wonderful! I just wanted all of you at FT to know how much I appreciate the dedication you show to your clients. Often times we can all be so quick to complain, and let people know when things aren’t going well . I feel that it is important to speak up and acknowledge others when things are going great, as well . I appreciate the time that I have spent with this business. This “program” is exactly what I have been looking for. When I am at FT, I feel that I am number one in importance, and that the trainers have thoughtfully put time into planning a workout that is challenging, motivating, and suited to my personal needs. Both trainers are aware of limitations that I have, (arthritis, past injuries) yet they also “push” me to do my best in a very supportive way, and help to give me more confidence in my abilities."

Kristin T

"I am over the moon with how much progress I have made in only five months. My life is so much different from what it used to be. I feel I can do anything, mentally and physically. I am not as worried about debilitating health issues that come with age, as I feel I can stave off anything at this point. Gwen and Blake have changed my life, and I will be forever grateful to them for getting me on the path to optimum fitness."*

Holly G

I started working with Blake and Gwen back in November because I needed a jumpstart into improving my health and I have received so much more than that. My physique has significantly changed-I can feel my muscles again. I have also worked with Cat who will kick your butt into a beautiful work of art. The support behind the workouts is gentle yet efficient. Gwen rocks with clarity about eating habits and healthy decision making. I lost my mother over the holidays, and the one thing that kept me focused and stable was knowing that I had a session to attend and people that supported me-more than I ever asked for. No matter how my day was , I cannot lose working with Fitness Together. One on one-private-intense and fun. I truly was surprised at how much fun it can be.

Marty M

The size 8 figure of my 20's and 30's, after having 4 children had crept up to a size 12 by the time I reached 53. I thought maybe I wasn't too old to do something that would improve both my looks and my health. My immediate goal was to lose 20 pounds and to be able to wear sleeveless clothes and shorts again! I had immediate success! At the end of a year at Fitness Together, I had met my goal of a 20-pound weight loss*, my cholesterol was down to 173*, my blood pressure was lower*, and I have been size 8 wearing sleeveless blouses and shorts*. I look and feel better at 55 than I did at 45.

Adam S

The great thing about this place is that you have individualized attention by each trainer who is completely focused on you. I have had personal trainers in the past in other gyms, but often they would be distracted by other people working out and I didn't feel were completely focused on me.

Fitness Together is great because not only are you set up with your own private trainer, but have your own private space to work out in within their facility with all the equipment you need. I also feel like I can focus better and not be as self-conscious like at a big open gym. The trainers are also very knowledgeable, and friendly and the place is immaculate which I appreciate in a fitness facility.

Jenny O

When a friend suggested I check out Fitness Together during pregnancy to keep me in shape and prepare for my natural birth, I was a bit skeptical how they could be any different from the local commercialized gym down the street. Using a gift certificate from Mind Body Partnerships (, I received two 1-on-1 personal training sessions and a health evaluation at a discounted rate.

The first session covered upper body strength and toning and the second worked lower body from the waist down. I was impressed at how much the trainer knew (even though had over six years of gymnastics coaching experience), especially about specific pregnancy exercises.

I'm now moving smoothly along in my pregnancy and even this late in the game, Fitness Together is really helping me to keep up my workout's, keep me encouraged, and keep me fit and ready to go for when my lil one arrives.

Bob H

Blake is very knowledgeable and keeps my workouts interesting and fun. No two are the same and he works all the different zones of the body. And the results have been great! It's the ONLY workout I've done consistently in years and definitely worth the price.

He's very conscientious about tailoring the workouts to fit my needs and abilities. Before we started, he did a fitness assessment and made me fill out a thorough diagnostic of my health and my fitness objectives. It took only a few weeks of 2x week workouts to start showing results and I haven't looked back.

If you are like me and can't count the times that you've started a fitness regimen or joined a club only to stop after a short while then you understand my comment about consistency. Knowing someone is waiting for you at the appointed time is a very subtle but effective motivator. And the times when I've needed to adjust an upcoming schedule for vacation or business trips, he's been very flexible and accommodating. I recommend Blake and Fitness Together.

Brock F

Hi Blake,

I hope you are well. You probably remember my daughter, Shannon, who trained with you for four months not long ago. She has now lost over 30 pounds* by exercising regularly and following a terrifically healthy diet. I believe that the personal training you provided her and, in particular, the nutritional classes, were the impetus for her health and fitness improvement. She looks wonderful. She feels so much better about herself. She quit wearing baggy sweatshirts and now loves to wear a bathing suit and go swimming! I never thought that would happen. She (and I) owe much of that to you.

Thank you so much.


Jeff G

I highly recommend Fitness Together in Mission Hills! Until now I have struggled with on and off attendance at the gym always looking for the motivation to go. Now I have a personal trainer who is committed to my health and well being! I look forward to the workouts and always feel better when I'm finished then when I get there. Having the appointment is the motivation I need. The private suite really makes a difference with clean well maintained equipment, happy, positive people and they are always willing to accommodate my schedule. I have lost nine pounds* and can see my body toning up. If you're looking for an exercise program that you can make a way of life I would suggest talking with Blake and Gwen at Fitness Together and getting started right now!

Donna T

I just tried the initial evaluation at Fitness Together, and it was very comprehensive! I got my BMI, Body Fat ratio, height & weight, along with explanation of what it all means. The trainers here are very patient and good teachers.

I was able to try out the equipment at my own pace and experience what a personal training session is like. I love the fact that there are private rooms for the sessions. No one watching you!

If it's been a while since you have experienced what it feels like to have a coach teaching you and pushing you to go just a little bit beyond what you feel like doing, you should give Fitness Together a try. I had fun, and felt really good

Phillip T

I have been going to Fitness Together in Mission Hills now for about 8 months. I have noticed a huge difference in my total fitness from my mindset, to my eating habits to the AWESOME changes in my strength and lean muscle mass.

They are not like other places i have gone before to workout. They provide fresh fruit, filtered water and healthy snack bars to help for my pre and post workout. I also get to workout in a private suite. No more waiting for machines. I can maximize my workout without waiting for machines and do the exercises I have scheduled for myself to do. What a concept!

My trainer is totally committed to my success. Plus, Blake and Gwen, the owners, are always on point to make sure I am happy and getting the results I want. I highly recommend Fitness Together in Mission Hills.

Grant H

The people make the difference! The experience of training 1 on 1 is far superior to training alone at a big box gym. Your time is maximized for results. IMHO a personal training, customized for you, is the ONLY way to go. I have trained with Blake, Gwen, Gene & Alyssa. They really know how to motivate in a positive way. I feel better at 49 than I did at 20*. Thanks FT.

Jon L

I've been with FT in Mission Hills now for almost two months. I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism of the staff. They are friendly without being excessively chatty - focusing on the workout - and always upbeat (but not annoyingly so, as can happen sometimes with other trainers). I especially appreciate their ability to stay on time, even at the end of a the day after many clients. The latest I have started a session has literally been no more than 2 or 3 minutes (and I got those minutes back at the end). The space is very clean and functional, and they take care to constantly disinfect after each client. The workouts are challenging and of course tailored to me, and they mix it up quite a bit, keeping it interesting and keeping the learning curve climbing. All the while they push and inspire without yelling or being rude, like you can get in some boot camps. I'd recommend them to anyone who is committed to improving their fitness.

Cynthia I

"My time with Gwen, Blake, Shannon and Mark was an amazing experience! Reaching my fifties and not being very active for several years, I came looking for a miracle and together we made it happen. Not only did I see my physical self improve, but through their love and friendship, I grew stronger in spirit as well. Sharing that feeling of family had me looking forward to my workouts. I also enjoyed the variety and pace of workouts as one of my biggest problems with gyms is redundancy and waiting for equipment. I learned a lot about the physical body and fitness. Information that I can apply going forward. My 6 months at Fitness Together gave me results that exceeded my expectations! Everything about the experience was positive and I would highly recommend them to everyone!"
Cynthia I

Nick P

I recently made the decision to invest some money into MY health and happiness. I recently turned 40 and I wanted to look good PERIOD; not just look good for my age. FT helped me reach my goals with diet and exercise by giving me the skills and motivation I needed to become healthier and happier*. Whatever your goals are, I believe that FT can help you. Their one on one training really worked for me and I am beyond happy with my success


Josh M

I started with Fitness Together about 5 months ago. I have never been to a gym on my own and wanted to learn the correct way of working out first. I have been thoroughly impressed with my entire experience. The staff is knowledgeable and responsive. The gym is immaculate and they continually motivate me to keep working toward my goals. All the trainers truly care about their clients. I have seen great results and would highly recommend Fitness Together to anyone (no matter your current fitness level). You will definitely achieve your goals with the fitness plan they develop for you.

Sue H

I've been working out at Fitness Together for just over a year now. I initially started because I wanted to get into shape after an injury and two surgeries. I absolutely love the one-on-one training. Each trainer does something different, so while you will have one trainer that you work with most often, you can end up with another one as a substitute. The sessions are never the same, working different muscle groups, and you can request that certain areas be targeted (my triceps!).

My strength and flexibility in my shoulder has improved greatly since I started working out. And my overall strength, including and especially the dreaded "core", is surprisingly strong. I know my stamina has improved, as has my flexibility.

If you are interested in working out with a personal trainer in a more "private" (OK, semi private) session, this is the place for you! Your trainer is never more than a few feet away. There are almost no distractions from the myriad others intent on a workout, as can often be had at other, larger gyms. The workouts are varied and can include mat, equipment, bench, free weights, resistance bands, the dreaded Bosu ball, and so on.

The personal attention as well as the clean and well-kept rooms are worth every penny!

Pat L

Now that I am approching my mid-thirties, I realize that all those nasty rumors are true; getting in shape and staying in shape aren't as easy as before.

I am a very busy person who needs a motivated and efficient workout program that is easy to stick with. Fitness for Life / Fitness Together has helped me attain and retain positive results by creating just that type of program for me. I schedule regular appointments with my own personal trainer, who puts me through a tough workout, in my own private weight room, and IT'S FUN!!! I'm committed when I have those appointments and the best part is I look forward to them.

Todd K

I had been working out for years at the gym on my own but I had hit a plateau with my workouts. Now I accomplish in 45 minutes what I couldn't even do on my own in 90 minutes. In just 45 minutes at Fitness Together my heart rate is up, one or more muscles groups is fatigued, I have worked on core, and the session ends with a full body stretch guided by the trainer. I like the idea you set your own goals with a trainer who pushes you to your full potential and beyond in a small private gym area that is completely VIP in my opinion. My goals have been muscle building and core training and I incorporate everything I have learned now in my own workouts. One you meet the staff too you will be hooked. The owners are incredible and supportive of your fitness goals all along the way. I would recommend any of the trainers for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness goals. Its the best 45 minute investment I have made in years.

Hugh L

To: The Mission Hills Fitness Together Staff

I want to thank all of you for the rewarding FT personal training program I've received working the last several months one on one with my assigned super trainer, Mark Herson. The comprehensive initial analysis of my base line provided for a seamless progression towards my realistic self improvement fitness goals. This was the best investment I could have ever made in making my life better now and in the future! I now realize it's never too late, or too soon, to make self improvement through a physical fitness program such as FT offers a priority in life.


Nancy L

"I am running again, and registered for a sprint triathlon this spring, so I have met my objectives by working with you guys. Additionally, I found something I never expected to find at your studio. Love. You guys are really incredible people, and I always felt so much love when I talked with you. I think that you and Blake are very good at what you do, and the compassion that I feel from you guys makes it a 360 experience. I didn't expect that, and am very happy that I found your studio. Blake chose Ricky as my trainer when I first had a phone screening with him. Blake was spot on in terms of what Ricky had to offer me through his experience working with folks with injuries. Additionally, I experienced the same unexpected sense of love and compassion from Ricky that made my time at FT much more than I could have ever imagined. You have a great product, but I think it's really the people that made my experience there all that it was... incredible."

Gail C

I highly recommend Fitness Together in Mission Hills. This is a beautifully warm decorated space, not like anything I had ever seen. You get total one on one private attention as the space is set up in 3 private training rooms. Training sessions are uninterrupted and you don't have to stand around and wait, or feel intimidated because other people are watching/looking at you. This is totally private.
The training staff is great, fun to work with and very knowledgeable. They push you just enough in the right ways to keep it fun and interesting, keeping you motivated for more. The end of session stretch they do is part massage and part stretch. You just get to lay there and relax. It is wonderful. I have known Blake and Gwen for years. Their integrity, love for people and personal fitness lifestyle is unique. Give them a call. Your first session is complimentary.