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Stay in the Game of an Active Lifestyle While Traveling

Dec 19, 2013

Traveling can throw off working out regularly, eating healthy and leading a stress-free lifestyle. But, when you mix in traveling during holiday periods, you can exponentially fall into an emotional and physical slump, IF you let a sedentary lifestyle; airport food and gas station cuisine take over your game.

When you go on vacation, do you tend to throw everything out the window? When you start eating bad, and not working out, you take major steps backward by the time you get home. You have to have the will, and the want, or you will just be left with a bunch of excuses.

Instead of striking out during your travels, stay focused on your game plan for a healthy and fit lifestyle by sticking with some simple, but effective, home field strategies while you’re on the road.

Consider Your Trip a New Fitness Adventure

Whether you’re going to your hometown for holidays or taking a trip to a new vacation destination, or a business trip, one of the most important things to making sure you stay active during your travels is to maintain a fitness-minded approach throughout your journey. Take what you do in your everyday lifestyle and bring it with you on your trip. From packing workout clothes and accessories that are appropriate for the climate to transporting healthy nutrition for your trip. Taking control of your destiny allows you to control what you put in your body so you don’t have “vending machine hunger” putting you in a position to make a bad choice. By preparing yourself with healthy fitness and food essentials, you will have a better chance to stay on course during your travels.

Enjoy a destination workout because these kinds of workouts are a blast. I love traveling to try new gyms, work out with new people and try new things. You just have to plan ahead, think through it and travel with a fitness mindset.

When you decide on a hotel or a place to stay, the first thing you should ask about is the type of fitness equipment or instructors that are available on-site, how far away is the closest gym, or if there are nature trails nearby for long walks or jogs. Also, putting together an in-room circuit workout can be an easy way to maintain your fitness lifestyle. Simply using a towel for resistance, lifting books for strength training or walking/running up and down the stairs can provide an effective mix of cardio and muscular exercise that is good for your mind and body.

Turn Travel Stress into Fitness Fuel

When traveling and attending events, meetings and what not, it is easy to get overwhelmed and sideline your fitness routine for the rest of the season. Instead of becoming a victim to the cycle of over commitments, unhealthy outside influences and stress benching you from participating in a healthy and fit lifestyle, use your emotions to motivate you to actively vent and work through your tension. We’re all stressed out, so it comes down to what you’re going to do about it. You have to take everything that you’ve been dealing with, focused on and troubled over and put it all into your workout. It’s a great emotional uplift and it’s great for you physically too because you go out and burn off that anxious stressful feeling.

Elevate Yourself to the Top of your TO DO List

One of the biggest trends is that people overload their calendars with too many things to do and they don’t value the importance of elevating themselves to the top of their priority list. Instead of focusing on taking care of yourself, you wear yourself too thin and let your nutrition and fitness go out the window. Missing workouts and eating poorly can lead to getting sick, gaining weight and feeling defeated, which all add to this negative cycle. The reality of it is that the older you get, the longer it takes to recover from unhealthy choices and behaviors……….and getting sick.

Instead of abandoning your healthy lifestyle during travel, keep some type of activity level going, even if it’s just exercising for 10 minutes each day. Take pride and ownership in the person you’ve become so that it’s easy to adopt a healthy mindset when you travel that focuses on carving out time for yourself to exercise, make healthy food choices, and be mindful about keeping everything in perspective and moderation.

By making the choice to live a healthy and fit lifestyle regardless of where you are, you will be one step closer to hitting a home run. By implementing these game winning strategies, you will be able to enjoy your holiday vacation, while still staying on plan throughout all of your life’s adventures.

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