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Jun 6, 2011

As we all know life throws us curve balls. Most of the time when we least expect it. It’s not so much about what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you. Are you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready to handle the cards you could be dealt? Do you have faith, hope, and belief to aid you? Is your body physically ready to conquer the obstacle and get to the other side? Training your body and mind is important, not only for good health, but to help you get through life’s challenges.

Every curve ball or challenge we get faced with is a gift. Even though in the moment we may curse, scream, cry, or maybe shout out “Why Me?” Remember YOU WILL go through that valley you are faced with and YOU WILL rise above on the other side. The power of fitness teaches this with every set, every rep, every session, every time. Being physically fit not only helps you feel good on a day to day basis, it helps you through life’s obstacles through stronger mentality and stronger physicality.

It has been just shy of four months since I went through surgery to remove an 8cm malignant tumor along with 12 inch of my colon. I am stronger than I have ever been and know that being physically fit and mentally fit made a huge difference in my outcome and will in yours. The day I went into surgery I kept repeating to myself, “THIS is what I’ve trained for.” I never knew the awesome power that being fit would provide in my recovery from colon cancer.

Fitness teaches valuable life lessons built around the “I can” principle. Because I am fit I can face this challenge. Because I am fit I can deal with the setbacks that accompany this challenge, and because I am fit I can come back from this challenge, whatever it may be. Because I am fit I can cope. Because I am fit I can conquer. The mental edge fitness gives you through your workouts and self actualization in them, is undeniable. When you think you can………… can, and when you do, it empowers you to do even more, more than you ever thought possible.

Thanks to the power of positive thinking and to my dedication over time to the strengthening of my own body, I was walking the halls of the hospital the day after surgery. I realized as I glanced in other patients rooms that most of them were overweight and un-healthy. This really got me thinking that if I was not physically and mentally fit, my recovery would have been a longer slower painful process.

At some point in time we will all be faced with a challenge that will knock us off of our feet. Illness, injury, or sickness will occur in your life. Wouldn’t you rather have trained to maintain a healthy strong body, mind, and spirit to reduce your recovery time, or perhaps prevent an onset entirely? How amazing our bodies are if we train them to be strong. Only two months after surgery I was in the gym working out and outside running, longer, harder, and with more stamina than pre-surgery.

Just like you, I was never expecting to hear the words “you have cancer”. You never think it will happen to you. But, when I got cancer; I was fit to face it, I was fit to go through it, and I was fit to climb out of my valley. I possessed the mental and physical edge that fitness teaches, and believed in myself with faith, that I WILL get through this. It may seem funny to some that fitness teaches faith too; faith in one’s self, and faith that god gives nothing to us, which he can’t get something through us with.

It took me less than four months after surgery to be back to 100%. Sometimes our life’s valleys seem like a curse when we are in them, but looking back after this life changing experience I now understand the gift given in that valley. I am living proof that fitness is, in and of itself, a cure all for the majority of illnesses we face either via prevention, or through accelerated recovery processes. I am taking my gift with me to Boston as I am moving to be closer to family and to start a family of my own. I will continue my passion for life and personal training along with the added inspiration of my own “valley” to motivate others through the power of fitness, faith, and positive thinking. I wish you all the best in life and health, and if a valley comes your way, know that, YOU……….. CAN. Fawn Lofton, Fitness Together Mission Hills 619-794-0014. Follow us on our blog at


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