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Dec 11, 2010

It’s hard to say “no” to the coming invitations for party merriment in these next few weeks. The schedule gets loaded with events that can derail your progress if you’re not watchful. With a few “party moves” you can beat back holiday alcohol over dose and still party hardy. Be mindful that alcohol is a toxin. Though your body can “cope” with it, it’s really not ideal to consume it. Alcohol takes a lot of hydration to be converted to fatty acid to either be stored where you don’t want, or need it, or be burned off through exercise.

The simplest strategy is to pace your self. Start your event with a full glass of water before you leave home. This gives you a sensation of fullness and kick starts hydration. A glass of water with a twist of lime or lemon at the event, alternating with your alcohol drinks can give you the party feel of a “glass in my hand”, while keeping alcohol on par with water intake.

Water based alcohol drinks are better for you, as opposed to the fruity high sugar based mixers which add sugar and calories. The calorie content of beer, wine and alcohol falls to the “useless” calorie line. It may feel and taste good; be in vogue at the event, “everybody’s doing it”, but in reality alcohol has nutritional consequence, not value. In the end, whether we drink or not, realize that alcohol was not meant to be in our systems, at least not if one seeks optimal health. Lastly, what ever you drink, keep the glass in your left hand, so that your handshake when saying “hello” is nice and warm, like you are. When the party is done and you are ready to hit the hay, drink one more glass of water. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow when hitting the gym to repay your party debts.


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