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PERSONAL TRAINING Strong Mind Strong Body Strong Spirit

Mar 2, 2011

Say these words Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Spirit, and let them marinate within you. What do they mean to you? I believe that no matter where you are or what is going on in your life, it is important to integrate these aspects, as you never know when life will throw you a curve ball.

Strong body. This may mean something different to each of you. For me having a strong body means being in physical good health. Being healthy has been a lifelong passion of mine. Therefore I chose the career I did as a personal trainer/motivator. I was put on this earth to help encourage others to build a strong body and to promote nutrition to instill good health. I also am here to be an inspiration to others.

I love motivating clients to push themselves beyond what they think they can do. I not only push your body’s strength but I support you mentally to know that you are strong and help change your thought process about yourself in a positive way. Losing weight takes determination, the type that comes from deep within you. I help inspire clients to find that desire and act on what they want their body to look like. Also, what you want your body to feel like from the inside out.

Strong Mind. We can all say “I'm mentally strong” but to truly believe and portray this is tough. Having a strong mind to me means keeping a positive attitude towards life for the ups and even through the downs. I recently got thrown a curve ball myself and I took it with my head held high. You would think hearing you have a malignant tumor in your body would send you into a deep depression. I took it as a gift. I kept my head high and my positive thoughts flowing nonstop. I believe that my healthy body and positive attitude had a huge impact on my rapid recovery and healing time.

Through the strength of a healthy body and a strong mind I dove deep into my strong spirit. I never let having cancer pull me down. Sure I'm sidelined from my passions of training clients, teaching fitness classes and my personal workouts but it’s only temporary. Like I said I’m taking cancer as a gift and learning life lessons that I never would have before now.

Strong Spirit. Whenever you have a bad day, keep your head up. Don’t let getting a traffic ticket or spilling your coffee on your white blouse on the way to work ruin your whole day. Turn your thoughts around and keep your spirits high. The way we think and feel brings more of that vibration into your day. Keep your spirits up and happy then more of those good vibes will come your way. Belief is the foundation and key to life’s process and joyful outcomes. Through my whole personal process I have maintained a strong spirit and faith even though I have had some tough cards dealt.

Times and events such as these are real life lessons. They remind us that each day is indeed a gift that should be savored and enjoyed for itself and nothing else. They remind us that we are not in control, but that that is okay. And they remind us that we are loved by family, friends, God and by all the wonderful people we meet along the way. From my personal experience I know that fitness is the difference maker when it comes to Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Spirit. A high fitness level helps you face the good and the bad as you go through life’s obstacles, because fitness teaches you that “you can”. Allow me to help you reach your fitness goals, call Fawn Lofton, Fitness Together Mission Hills 619-794-0014. Follow us on our blog at


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