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Mar 30, 2011

Stuck in a rut or given up on that New Year’s Resolution? Here are a couple of breakout ideas to reignite your fitness journey. Take your existing workout and break it in to thirds A, B and C in the order you usually execute your training session. Now take each third and move it around in your line up. CBA, ACB, BAC, you get it. The change of order will throw you body a mass curve ball and it won’t know what to think, AND the routine will be more challenging given the order variety. Your body needs change on a consistent basis to avoid plateaus, and you need change in order to avoid mental stalls. If you need a fresh challenge in both areas, adopt the ABC approach. A “destination workout” can also work wonders. Go with a buddy as a guest, or buy a day pass at a local gym you are not accustomed to. Many gyms offer a free promotional visit, in some cases up to a weeks worth to try their facility. Destination workouts can give new purpose to your workout as you will usually put out more effort to make a good showing when you go to unfamiliar turf. The drive alone can provide solace to super charge you mentally for the assault. The change of venue; the change of thought; the change of equipment and the change of scenery may be all you need to get your motor back in to the speed of “2011 is so hot to be fit” mode.


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