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Mar 30, 2011

Still not a breakfast eater are ya? Mom was right in that breakfast IS the most important of all meals. It is the meal that kick starts your day and should be the highest calorie meal of your day. I know I know, you don’t have time, you never have eaten breakfast, you hate eggs, you’re not hungry, you grab n go coffee. I get it. But start somewhere. Your body as it slept last night repaired itself from all of the damages you laid in to it yesterday and prepared itself for the next round today. But it takes work to fix you. IT IS hungry. Your last calorie intake was when? What? Yep that’s right it was last night sometime, early or late, good or bad content. So your body works all night for YOU, in reality burning the midnight oil to get you lined up to take on today. Breakfast is about breaking the fast of not eating over the time period in which you slept, and your body continued its’ toiling over your repair and preparedness. Do with out a “break the fast” meal, and the body slows down metabolically working at a less than optimum pace, robbing you of restorative calorie input to get the most from your body.

Look, start simple but start somewhere. How about a meal replacement shake to begin the day’s journey? It is simple, easily obtained from a variety of sources and can provide balanced nutrients and calories. It’s a start yes? Get in the habit of at least this. In a few days or perhaps a week or two you’ll find that you ARE hungry when you awaken, and you can then add a cereal, oatmeal or bagel to the line up and then pretty soon you’ll be a full fledged breakfast eater. Your body learns and adapts to what you teach it in the gym or at the table. Do the same things in the gym, teach your body just that, and get no results. Teach it to go hungry by not eating break fast, it learns to live with it. “Learns to live with it” does not mean it likes to live with it. Want to live better? Want to train smarter and get better results faster? Eat breakfast!


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