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PERSONAL TRAINING Real Health Care Reform

Dec 7, 2010

With mid term elections behind us the common theme in the media of the newly elected appears to be ”repeal healthcare reform” and “do this new version instead”. Bull horn talk about big change in what has been done thus far by inacting new legislation to repeal “Obama Care”. Will it work? I guess we’ll see.

In last month’s Presidio Sentinel, in an article entitled Healthcare Delivery Will Forever Change, Chris Van Gorder, President and CEO for Scripps noted that the federal government had already started reducing reimbursements and private payers are following suit, which results in significant reimbursement cuts for Scripps and hence Scripps would need to initiate strategic cost cutting procedures centered on eliminating variations. He went on to say that change is inevitable and there is tremendous opportunity to improve performance for the greatest good of the patient.

Given the uncertainty, what should we do with our personal health care reform? It would seem our best strategy be prevention rather than medical mediation. Stay healthy, stay out of the Doctors office kind of thing. The simple act of writing out a prescription for exercise is an excellent approach to being proactive in reforming your “health care”. It's far more logical, inexpensive and radically reduces your risk of most every chronic disease known to man. A daily exercise routine is one of the main factors in achieving optimal wellness. Unfortunately, in America nearly 2/3 of our adult population is over weight or obese. Some estimates are, that if we don’t act with rigor, in 10 years that percentage may be at or near 90%.

Perhaps we should follow the lead laid out by Japan as reported by the New York Times.

Japan embarked on a national campaign to measure the waists of its 56 million citizens who are between ages 40-74 years—about 44% of the country's entire population--in April 2008. Under National Law it's the first campaign of its kind, and was launched in response to rising national health care costs. Japan is not known for obesity, we are. Nevertheless, the state mandated circumference limit for men is 33.5 and for women 35.4 with an aim at, according to Japan’s Ministry of Health, “driving down a rapidly aging society’s ballooning health care costs”. Sound familiar?
Japan has set the goal to reduce the number of people classified as overweight by 25% by 2015. Individuals identified as having a weight-related ailment are given dieting guidance. If after three months they do not lose weight, they are referred to further "re-education" after six more months. Companies and governments that do not achieve the goal will pay financial penalties. Will it work? I guess we’ll see.

Belly fat is associated with an increased risk for metabolic diseases as well as cardio vascular diseases that shorten our life span and contribute largely to our own ballooning health care costs. It would make the most sense for real health care reform start with the person in the mirror looked upon every day shaving or putting on makeup. With 2011 around the corner, what resolution will you make to “reform” your personal rising health care costs? Eat less, move more? Fresh and whole or pre packaged? Home prepared or the go? Stairs or elevator? Gym or couch? Fresh air or Ventilator? In the end, in part, we get to chose prevention or medical intervention. For help with that decision call Fitness Together 619 794 0014. Follow us on our Blog at


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