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Personal Training Men's Health Builders

Jun 22, 2012

As the mid-point of the year quickly approaches, are you becoming bored and unmotivated by the same old gym workout? Are you looking to add some variety in your fitness routine, but not sure where to start? Signing up for fitness training with your spouse, a co-worker or fitness buddy could be the answer to jump start your summer physique, train for a summer endurance event or spice up your daily workout routine.

Whether you prefer working out in the morning, during lunch or after work, having a professional trainer can be a powerful approach for both men and women to squeeze in a high impact workout sessions that yields top-performing results in less time. With a focus on compound, total body exercises, you use a lot of different muscle groups, burn a ton of calories and get more done at once. Tandem Training is an excellent option for busy executives who can only carve out an hour in their day to focus on their health and fitness goals. And, it provides an outlet for both men and women to get back in the gym this summer if you’ve taken some time off, as well provides a great way for couples to workout together, reach health and fitness goals together, and support each other.

Get In. Get Fit. Get On with the Rest of your Day.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to log hundreds of hours in the gym each month to accomplish your health and fitness goals. In fact, studies show that a quick and short, but powerful and intense workout session of 45-60 minutes can yield greater results. The key to getting the most out of your workout is to have a structured total body approach that includes the following components.

  • Dynamic Warm Up: To get the most out of your workout time, you need to start your calorie burning engines in your warm up. A dynamic warm up of body weight squats, jumping jacks/jump rope, moving lunges with stretches and high knee jogging will get your blood flow and heart pumping, while jump starting your results and kick starting your metabolism.
  • Intense Strength and Conditioning Session: A combination of strength and conditioning exercises accelerates your body and adds more pack to your results. By focusing on superset exercises, done back to back, you get a quick, intense workout that targets your total body. You won’t waste time isolating single muscles, but instead will focus on achieving a total package of looking better, feeling better and performing better.
  • Relaxing Cool Down: After you push your body, mind and muscles to the max, it is essential to properly cool them down with stretching and deep breathing. Stretching and lengthening your muscles is important to restore your efforts and prepare your body for future workouts. This also helps your body to continue burning calories as you return to your daily duties, whether it’s going back to work after a lunch session or heading home for dinner and family time after a long day.

Make the Switch from High Calories to High Impact Exercise

According to recent findings, men consume 81 calories per minute at lunch, while women consume 52 calories per minute.1 By switching out high caloric power lunches with blood pumping workouts, you can achieve two goals for getting fit at once – lower your calorie intake and increase your workouts. Trading in your office attire with workout gear over your lunch hour also will yield better performance during your workout and increased afternoon productivity when you return to the office. A 2011 Swedish study found positive productivity results from employees after they used time during a work day for exercise or other health-promoting measures.2

Get Fit Together

As we prepare for summer and celebrate Men’s Health and Father’s Day this June, it is time for both men and women to join forces to work together toward accomplishing their summertime health and fitness goals. Fitness Together’s Tandem Training provides a high impact workout environment that allows duo’s to begin together, work together and finish together in pursuit of a common purpose and to achieve individual fitness goals. We combine energy and fun with strength training, cardio conditioning and nutritional guidance to help both men and women feel better, look better and perform better than they ever thought was possible. To find out more, give us a call at 619 794 0014.

1 The Obesity Society 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting, Men’s Health, March 2012

2Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2011


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