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Adapt, Embrace, Commit and Gear UP

Nov 19, 2013

Adopt a Convenient Fitness-Friendly Schedule

With mornings buzzing to get kids to school on time and afternoons filling up quickly with after-school activities, your window of opportunity for getting in your workout may seem to be disappearing quicker than the afternoon sun setting on the horizon. To keep your fitness routine on track, you may have to adjust your workout schedule to earlier in the day before everyone in the house is awake or head outside to exercise right after you drop your kids off at school. If your kids are enrolled in after-school activities, you also can schedule your own fitness time during their extracurricular commitments. Rather than sitting on the bleachers reading a book during sports practices, walk laps around the field with a friend or go for a run around the park. Walk or run the stands themselves…oh my!! By being active when your kids are busy, you can be more efficient with your time and make working out convenient with your family’s schedule.

Your location should always be convenient to where you work and live. With the days getting shorter and darker earlier, pick somewhere close so you don’t have to allocate additional time driving far to your workout location.

Embrace Consistent Activity

As weather fluctuates during the season, it can be helpful to have a few indoor alternatives lined up for when calm weather quickly turns into cold, wet weather. Yes, it will probably rain again someday in So Cal. SO; this can be a great time for incorporating new indoor activities into your fitness routine such as racquetball, fitness classes, kick boxing, yoga, spin or strength training. The most important thing is not let unbearable weather derail your fitness program and attitude. Instead, focus on staying consistently active by striving to do something, even if it’s only a 10-minute workout, every day.

A lot of people enjoy being outside, but when you can’t, due to weather, or shortened days; you need a “Plan B” option. It’s important to add variety to keep your body guessing and to help you stay motivated.

Commit to Lead by Example

Committing to working out on a regular basis is not only important to your health, but also to the health of your family. Parents are a huge influence on their children’s lifestyles. If you are active, then it is more than likely that your kids will be too. Scheduling your workouts just like any other appointment tells your kids that being active is important to a healthy lifestyle. But, actually following through with working out regularly shows them that you mean business. Take time outside to be active as a family, whether it’s going out for evening walks or playing football in the yard on a Sunday afternoon – to not only help improve your fitness levels, but to also strengthen the bond between family members. Enjoying a breath of fresh fall air with your loved ones can make some of the best life-long memories. To this day, I remember kite flying with my dad…………fondly.

Growing up as a kid, you were probably always active. With the technology abounding, it is easy to slip in to patterns of “sit and watch”, verses “go out side and play”, as we did back in the day. As a parent, you have to practice what you preach. Any bit of activity is worth it.

Gear Up for the Elements

With fluctuating temperatures and quickly changing weather conditions, what you wear can have direct impact on the success of your outdoor exercise experience. Dressing in layers with a moisture wicking material at the base can help keep you dry and warm as your sweat levels rise and the outdoor temperatures cool. Reflective gear is an important piece of safety equipment any time of the year, but especially if you are being active before dawn and after dusk during the fall and winter seasons. Please remember if you walk at night or during the day we are to walk toward oncoming traffic. I learned this as a young lad back in my Boy Scout’s days. When you walk facing oncoming traffic you can see what is coming at you. If your back is turned to traffic, (walking with traffic), you can not see what is coming up behind you to react to potential threats to your safety.

As the conditions of the outdoor environment change this time of year, you can use all of these fitness strategies to ensure your activity levels and workout routines don’t fall to the wayside. Grab a friend or a family member to get outside, get active and enjoy the fall fitness season.

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