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Jan 1, 2010

Resolutions are merely a group of solutions that you intend to find and use as you move forward on the road of self improvement. The important thing is to seek out those solutions and embrace your new beginning with anticipation, positive attitude, visualizing the end goal as being already accomplished. That is, “live as if” it has already happened. It may not be as much about the end goal as it is about the steps, that is, the solutions needed along the way to realize the goal. If our solutions are out of line, or our goal to high, we’ll easily defeat ourselves regardless of the living “as if” principle. The most significant solution is to visualize you now “as if” the resolution has been obtained. Those who use visualization are 6 times more likely to reach their goal. You, living today “as if”, helps you fend off temptations more readily. If your resolution is to be a more healthy and active for example, you have to be asking yourself today, “would an active healthy person do this” behavior you are currently contemplating? If the answer is no, then do as they do becomes your mantra rather easily. “An active healthy person would not do this, nor will I.”

We all have to deal with the part of us that wants to do better, as well as the part that is resistant to change. We all know that voice inside that whispers “I can’t do it”.

You want to eat better and be more active…..

You want to stop smoking……..

You want to better manage money……..

You want to lose weight……..

Future vision, that is seeing who you are going to become, and living as that person today combined with tracking progress creates “I can do it.” Kaiser published a study last year focusing on the efficacy of various weight loss programs in more than 1500 overweight adults, showing that after 5 months participants lost on average 13 pounds. However, those that used a food diary to track progress almost lost twice as much, and perhaps more importantly they kept the weight off. Tracking creates visualization, accountability and self reward.

Wishing is passive, resolving is action oriented. ”I hope I can lose 20 pounds in 2010”, is different from “I am going to lose 20 pounds and here are the steps (the solutions) I plan to take in order to accomplish it.” In a wish there is no commitment, no action. In commitment there is clear understanding that it “won’t be easy, I expect some set backs but I am ready to fight for what I want.” Visualizing yourself as a lighter, more confident you, combined with smart solutions and tracking, then actually living today “as if” you’ve already lost the weight keeps you on track. In essence it negates “I can’t do it” because you see it in your minds eye, you then live it now, and it’s reinforced in your tracking.

Break Big Goals down to smaller solutions

Track progress


Live “as if”

The New Year has begun and you are pumped up about it, full of hope and anticipation at a brand new YOU! “This year I am going to do it!!” Correct? Believing in yourself is THE most important solution to your resolution. You can DO IT! Believe/Achieve

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