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Jul 1, 2009

We all have a list of our favorite things. It may not be written down anywhere, but you know the things that make you happy. Your list may hold your favorite foods, music, TV shows, movies and people in your life that you long to be around. These are the things that you enjoy. These are the things that make your life richer.

Somewhere on this list is your health and fitness. The question is where on the list of favorite things is it? High priority, low priority or no priority? Is it a favorite thing or a thing you avoid and dread? You know that looking and feeling great make your life even better. But how do you elevate your health to a “favorite thing”?

The interesting thing about your list is that you always make time for it.

  • When your TV show airs, you watch it or record it to watch later.
  • When your favorite actor stars in a movie, you go to the theatre.
  • When you're hungry, you turn to your favorite foods.
  • When the weekend rolls around, you do everything you can to spend time with the special people in your life.
  • Yet when it comes to exercise you automatically say, "I don't have time."

Time for a blockbuster starring your favorite actor, time for TV, but no time for exercise. Let’s face it we live in an age where life is full. You don't have extra time anymore. You no longer have time. You have to make time for your list.

You make time for your TV programs.

You make time for your movie stars.

You make time for your family and friends.

You have to make time for…………….. “ME”

You know you want good health and to live well as you age, so how do you make exercise and “me time” a favorite thing? You already know how to make time for your favorite things. So how do we elevate “me” to the top of my list of favorites?

Block the Negative: Your thoughts play a big part in determining your favorite things. Block out any negative thoughts you may have about exercise. Focus your energy on creating a positive attitude that will get you excited about hitting the gym, rather than dreading it. Visualize who and what you will become.

Focus on the Benefits: With exercise you have so much to gain and nothing to lose. Exercise makes you stronger, sexier, happier, and gives you more energy. Pick the benefit that moves you the most and fixate on it.

Get Guidance: The easiest way to put exercise on your list of favorite things is to experience it at its best. Getting help will get you on the right path so that your time invested in “me” has a quicker payoff. Avoidance is often a bi product of confidence in an activity. If you know what to do it is easier to do it.

Take a Long Term Approach: As much as we may want to look like our favorite movie star, it does take time and perspective. It’s the consistency in the approach to make it “life style” that gives you the largest payoff in the long run, and the ability to love your mirror and what you see in it……………movie star!


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