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Nov 1, 2009

Soon after Halloween, we begin to think of the holidays and all the happiness, joy, stress……. and, the guilt that comes with them. So begins the media hype regarding eating, drinking, and overall indulgence, that leads us to the 10 pound weight gain that we believe is inevitable. The toxic messages begin….eat more, drink more, party more, celebrate more, do more. Those messages, along with the long standing traditions of your family, may lead you down the overindulgence path throughout the holidays and leave you feeling tired, depressed and frustrated come January. You CAN make this year different. You CAN go through the entire Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season with a spirit of joy and hope, with lots of energy and enthusiasm without the accompanying weight gain and guilt. With just a few small “attitude adjustments”, you can sprint into January feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Here are a few tips for the season:

Have a food replacement shake before attending an event

Don’t keep trigger foods in the house. Neither you, nor your family needs them.

Wear your most form fitting jeans when you go out to eat and/or tie a string around your waist under your shirt that will not budge with the bulge.

Do not stop your regular exercise program. Make the time to put YOU first.

We all have the ability to choose our responses to events in our lives. Yet each holiday, on average, people gain about 10 pounds between now and January 1, due to eating too much, and moving too little. At the same time, people are over stressing because of the manic schedules, the guilt over food behaviors, and the day only being 24 hours long, which all add additional health burdens.


Change your thinking!


Replace the negative thoughts like:

There’s nothing I can do to stay healthy during the holidays.

That’s just the way I am during the holidays.

The holidays make me feel so stressed.

I can’t take the time to work out until after the holidays.

I Can’t………………I Don’t……………….If Only


With proactive thoughts such as:

I’ll find alternatives to overindulging this season.

I can choose a different approach this year.

I control my own feelings at all times and I choose to feel great!

I want to take the time necessary to make sure I stay healthy during the holidays.

I Choose……………….I Prefer……………I Will……………I CAN


The more deposits you make in to your "fitness bank", in terms of working out, and food behaviors, the more likely you are to move through the holiday's with ample cheer, will power, and stick-to-itiveness, coming out on the other side in great "shape" for 2010. In part, the choices we make in the next weeks will do much to propel us into the next year, providing for a more manageable New Year's resolution in terms of health. You can do it !



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