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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Bonnie and Alyson

Dazzling Mother-Daughter Duo

Bryan M.

Pain free doing the things I love

"I started with FT to try to build strength to help address my lower back and right knee pain.  The programs designed by Darius to address these specific areas have helped me stay pain free for nearly a year.*  I can now begin to focus on other training goals like overall fitness and weight management. Being pain free has allowed me to do more on a day to day basis, work more efficiently, spend time with Debbie in the yard and generally feel better.  I find myself with more energy and not as tired as I used to be during the day. My experience has been very positive.  I connected well with Darius right away and I feel confident that he is focused on making sure I achieve my training goals and not just walking me through a workout. I recommend the studio when asked.  I like the flexibility for scheduling purposes, the location is convenient and the one-on-one training with the same trainer has been very helpful."


Debbie M.

Flexible scheduling is key

"Getting one-on-one attention has allowed a tailored program to adjust to various injuries while still working on my strength and fitness. The staff is very friendly and tries to accommodate fluctuations in my schedule."

Linda B., Bellevue

I’ve been working out at Fitness Together for over 14 months, and it’s exceeded my expectations. I wanted to find a trainer who could work with the limitations I have due to arthritis and chronic pain.  All of the trainers are outstanding, highly educated in this field and know how to tailor the workouts to deal with my issues. My trainer is always motivating and creative so I never get bored. Not only have I lost many inches, but I have more energy and my blood pressure and body fat have dropped to great levels.* I look forward to my workout and how I feel afterwards.  That’s huge since I don’t consider myself an athlete or workout fan.

Linda B., Bellevue

Peter D.

Following a structured exercise program made all the difference

"I have to tell you I am impressed with the changes you guys at FT have wrought upon my body!  When I arrived in your studio a couple of years ago, I had never--mean never, not even in college or high school, undertaken a structured training program for more than a few weeks so I was very, very skeptical that it would make a difference.  Heck! I felt pretty well as I was, but given I was a few pounds overweight and getting on a bit and I figured my health was important because I was going to be retiring soon!  At FT with the training by Erin and Bonnie mostly but with many other folks as well, I have lost about 25lbs, lost my beer gut, improved strength endurance and flexibility and gotten back on my bike. I think I am generally am fitter than at any time I can remember.  Training with FT has convinced me I can be healthier and stronger, and that's perhaps the greatest revelation of all.  Thank You."

Cindy C.

Self proclaimed "couch potato" turned runner/fitness enthusiast

Dennis L.

Fitness is a choice and a lifestyle

I started with FT years ago after a pretty bad skiing injury really messed up my knees. The team was really supportive and catered to where I was at the time. I really like that they have the best of the personal 1:1 training - tending to have the same trainers work with me over an extended period of time but also having the flexibility of a good trained staff so that someone being out doesn't affect my training. The flexibility is really great - even when I moved away to China for three years, I was able to get training in when I came back for short business trips. 

Having someone there that keeps me accountable while understanding where I am and my goals has been really good for me. Over the years, I went from being in pretty poor shape to being the best shape in my life.* I could hardly run a couple of miles when I started. Today, it's just a routine thing. 

I guess that's the thing - fitness is a choice and a lifestyle. At some point, you have to make a decision to really embrace it because it doesn't start out easy. FT was the support I needed to get started, to keep going during those times when I felt a bit lazy, and to accelerate during those times when I was motivated.

After *

Glen W.

Work travel won't get in the way of his fitness

In less than 5 months at FT Mercer Island, Glen has:

Lost 26.5 lbs*, decreased body fat by over 5.5%*,
increased flexibility, and decreased his waist measurement
by 5 inches!
Glen's Tip for Success:
“Fitness and nutrition must be a commitment to lifestyle change! Believe me, it will make you feel better physically and mentally in all aspects! It’s not a sprint, but a marathon!!”


After *

Erik A.

Man with busy work and personal life makes exercise a priority

"I am very busy, or think I’m busy in personal life and work.  If I don’t have a set appointment I just simply won’t make the extra effort to exercise.  I don’t really like to admit that, but it is largely true.  I absolutely like the one on one work out session as well, each trainer for the most part already knows you, what to avoid and what to focus on. It is cliché to talk about, but good (or “less bad”) health affects every aspect of life.  For me, the biggest change is it helps me recover from travel faster with less back soreness developed by making constant, long, trans-Pacific flights.  A better fitness level and better core strength was what I expected.  An unexpected benefit was increased flexibility. Exercise is so fundamental to everything it is difficult to exaggerate. [The studio is] Highly personalized with an amazing ability to stay pretty high energy every day.  All of the trainers I have worked with do a great job of being positive, friendly, and flexible."*

Jared R.

Very satisfied client

Jared has considerable improvement in strength & endurance. He is now enjoying exercise & fitness and has noticeable change in body composition receiving positive feedback from his friends & family.*

Jared now has less back pain & general achiness as he once described, and improved flexibility & range of motion in his muscles. He now has the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle & diet.

Jared's experience with FT has increased his motivation to workout with his trainer. He feels his consistency & intensity are much better with his FT coach. He feels pride in having accomplished something difficult each time he is in the studio. He is now interested in expanding fitness to other areas, e.g. running.

When asked how to describe our studio and how he is treated by our staff these were his remarks: "They are friendly, competent & a professional team. I believe the management staff put considerable thought in to making the 'right' hiring decisions and have built a great, customer-centric team. As a small business owner, I know how difficult this can be, and really appreciate the thought & effort you put in to it.

They are flexible with scheduling & accommodating of my individual needs. During each session they are concerned with safety & form correction while using quality equipment in their nice facility. I am a very happy client overall. You guys rock. Keep up the great work! Thank you."

Lindsey J.


Client Lindsey has been with FT Mercer Island for seven months. She now has some muscle tone and has lost approximately twenty pounds!!*

Regular exercise has impacted Lindsey's life in more ways than one. "I have tons of energy now to do the things I love to do such as walking long distances. Climbing stairs has become much easier and mentally I feel more alert & positive."

"Over the past two years I have gained 15 pounds due to my heavy work schedule and caring daily for a close friend who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I walked by the Fitness Together studio on Mercer Island several times a week while walking my dog and wondered if I would be able to stick with a scheduled personal fitness program. I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision I have made in many years. I feel 20 years younger, have acquired lots of much needed energy and have also become more mentally alert*. My personal trainer, Paul, has taught me to eat a healthy diet and with Paul's never-ending encouragement, I have pretty much given up fats, sugar and starches. Paul evaluated my physical strengths and weaknesses then tailored a personal work out program that has been fun and easy to adhere to. The entire team at Mercer Island Fitness Together has been extremely supportive and encouraging. They are friendly, non-judgmental and understand the challenges that people face regarding weight loss and daily exercise. The management staff works very hard to accommodate the client's work and travel schedules. I'm always impressed with the cleanliness of the studio, as well.

I would definitely refer others to Fitness Together for the reasons I stated above. I have gotten to know Melissa, Sarah and Paul the best and could not ask for a friendlier and supportive team to help me reach my fitness goals. I am extremely satisfied with the service!

As owners, Pat and Janine, you definitely have a great team working for you on Mercer Island! They deserve gold stars! Any business/company would be honored to have such a professional team associated with them."

After *

Rita M

Living the lifestyle

I joined Fitness Together because a medical issue had resulted in my left leg being very weak. I could barely walk up stairs.  My trainer worked very patiently with me, twice a week, as I gradually regained my strength.  Some exercises were hard, but many were also fun. As I regained my strength I was able to be more active in general and felt much better day to day. Somewhere into the program I noticed I was also losing weight.  Weight has been an issue with me most of my life, and I have been temporarily successful on many diets, however, this time I am not dieting.  I am eating less and more carefully.  I still go out to dinner about once a week, and I do have a chocolate bar now and then.  I don't have a weight goal.  The weight loss is slowing down and will stop at some point, but I am not obsessing over my weight.  Now, over a year later, I am physically fit and very pleased with my weight loss.*  Early on I realized that no matter how i was feeling each day, if I just got myself to my workout, i would feel better afterwards.  It is still sometimes hard to get myself to Fitness Together, but I always feel better after exercising with them.

After *

Kathy B.

Kathy joined us in September of 2011 to change/create her new healthy lifestyle. Consistent training, cardio and her Nutrition tracking system allowed Kathy to lose 32 pounds and still counting.* We are so proud of Kathy!

After *

Don B.

Don has lost 31 lbs, 6.5% body fat, and 14.16 inches overall.*  He increased flexibility by 2.25 inches and successfully lowered his blood pressure and came off meds... and he's just begun.*  Don is an inspiration.  Don Rocks!


After *

Susie J.

Susie committed to change.  Consistent training, cardio, and following a nutrition point system was a recipe for success.  Susie lost 22.25 inches, 7.3% body fat, and 40 pounds!*  Other improvements included an increase in her flexibility by 74% and her VO2 max by 18%.*  You go girl!

After *

Lilyan & Don Snow

"I was in a wheelchair, due to a nerve injury, when I first went to Fitness Together.  Trainer Paul devised a program to strengthen my body and develop stamina.  Nine months later my strength and balance have improved to the point that I am far stronger than I've been for years.  While I have a way to go, I can now do most of my regular activities, and I feel better than I did before the injury.*

My husband was so impressed that he's in training, too, with great results.

I tell my friends that the Studio staff are very competent and the atmosphere is challenging, encouraging, and fun.  I look forward to my sessions."

It is an honor to work with the Snows.  We are proud of both of them, and really commend Lilyan's commitment to effort despite great physical challenge.  Thank you Lilyan and Don for letting us be part of your life.  Your FT team.

After *


With consistent training and cardio (never missing a session!) as well as tracking calories Betsy lost a total of 21.5 inches, 35.5 pounds, and 8.6% body fat.*  She increased her push-ups from 5 to 25 and increased her VO2 by 18%.*  We are very proud of Betsy!

After *


Michael wanted to change.  It wasn't easy and it took time and dedication on his part.  He followed both the training and nutrition coaching provided to a tee.  Michael lost 20.5 inches, 39 pounds, and 11.4% body fat.* 


The Fitness Together trainers and team are amazing. I always looked forward to my workouts, I knew they would be hard, but somehow the trainers made them fun too. Walking into the studio was like walking into 'Cheers' - they always are happy to see you! With the help of the FT team I learned that I can push myself harder than I thought. I now have the confidence to continue my training and push myself to achieve my health and wellness goals.